Bandon, Oregon
GolfWeek's 40 Best New Courses Of 2010
By Kickntrue on 10/28/10
GolfWeek released their list of the 40 best new golf courses of the past year. As Geoff Shackelford joked (kind of), "Actually, forty may be the entire list of new courses which looks hefty considering next year's will be a much shorter list."

Yes- new golf course construction has slowed dramatically- but my guess is there are still some gems being built. I don't think you'd have much trouble finding takers to play GolfWeek's #1 new course for 2010, Old MacDonald, out at Bandon Dunes.

There are a lot of west coast and midwest locations on this list. I guess the north and southeast are all filled-up!

GolfWeek's 40 Best New Golf Courses
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falcon50driver says:
Was in Trinidad Colorado this week. I would have played Cougar Canyon but they don't alloww denim......Folks, if you have an uncompleted condomiminum across the street and a cheesy golf course...maybe you shouldn't be so uppity and accept $100 from some denin clad pilot from Texas to play your course.
falcon50driver says:
Condominiminim,cominimimim.....Condo....ohell....hotel thingie.
sepfeiff says:
Old American is a few miles away from me, have wanted to play but can't get on! :(
Swingem says:
Will get to play Old MacDonald in February on our annual Bandon trip. Can't wait!
Banker85 says:
merlin2driver: first time i played golf with my Fatherinlaw he said only hillbilles and jackasses were jeans on the golf course. I agree. wear some slacks or shorts (not jean shorts). That would have pissed me off too though. espcially if i am willing to give them $100.
falcon50driver says:
I think I have a better grasp of decorum than you do sir, I don't go around posting anonymous insults. I understand the dress code at nice courses, and agree completely. However it has been my experience that in that area, Santa Fe, Taos, Angelfire, Telluride. Denim seems to be very popular, and although I have never played in jeans, I've seen a lot of folks around there that do. I guess what bothered me was the place was'nt very attractive, with a dirt parking lot, a half finished condo that looked like it was a victim of the housing crisis and work had been abandoned. I thought they'd be happy to have my business. The pro shop woman had an attitude, so I was just turned off by the whole experience. You are pretty good at name calling, that's not acceptable on this website.
Matt Otskey says:
#31 Jack Frost National in Blakeslee Pennsylvania is absolutely superb. A must play if you live in the are!!
Marcus Prior says:
Golf in denim? God help us...
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