Can Anyone Identify This Denver Course?
By Kickntrue on 10/29/10
This reads like a Craigslist posting for a Missed Connection, but one of our fellow oober's needs our help identifying a golf course in the Denver, Colorado, area. There's not much to go off of- but maybe we'll get lucky?!

Says Kurt The Knife:
I hope someone can help me find the name of a course I saw flyin into Denver.
I saw huge sheets of red rock separating fairways .
West of Denver.
Was beautiful from 10,000 ft
Would like to see it on the ground one day.
My intitial search on Google Maps led to nothing conclusive- mostly because there are tons of golf courses and I know very little about Denver. I'm sure someone local or who flies through the city frequently would have a better idea of flight paths and such. Maybe Kurt can chime in with more details.

I'd love to solve this mystery because the course sounds great... and because I've always dreamed of being a PI. Oh- and if you haven't checked out the oobgolf forums in awhile- you should. The activity has picked up greatly in the past year- and there are a lot of decent conversations going on there- while the rest of the golf world is pretty much dead.

oobgolf Forum
Google Maps - Denver International Airport

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mitchd says:
probably Arrowhead
Kickntrue says:
Arrowhead direct link-

Wow- what a link!
Goodlow20 says:
I agree, has to be Arrowhead.
homermania says:
If not Arrowhead, maybe Fossil Trace in Golden, CO.
helfon says:
Here is the oob link
Kurt the Knife says:
thats the one.
COOOOL. Thanx guys
duffer127 says:
Have played there...beautiful scenery and wow factor, but I thought it was a little overpriced I wasn't impressed with the design of the course. I would check out Fossil Trace.
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