Westwood New Number One
By Kickntrue on 11/1/10
Lee Westwood is (finally) (officially) the best golfer in the world. I think the more shocking thing than Tiger relinquishing the top spot is the fact that he had such a lead that it took an entire calendar year for it to happen. For all intents and purposes- the entire 2010 season was a loss for Woods- yet he was still able to hang onto the Worlds Number One ranking for an additional 56 weeks or so after last caring about a golf tournament.

Anyway- since we feel like we know about Tiger- it seems we should take some time to learn about Westwood. From the always reliable Wikipedia:
He is one of the few golfers who has won tournaments on every major continent, including victories on the European Tour and the PGA Tour.

Born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Westwood began to play golf aged 13 with a half set bought by grandparents. His father John, a maths teacher, took up the game at the same time to encourage his son. A talented sportsman at school, Lee played rugby, cricket and football.

Westwood's interests include films, snooker, cars; and he is a big football fan who supports Nottingham Forest.
It's pretty interesting that he didn't start golfing until age 13. It's pretty much assumed these days that a prodigy was born with a club fused to their hands but Westwood proves otherwise.

Congrats to Westwood- though I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that he won't hold the title as long as his predecessor. In fact, the standings are now tight enough that he may not hold the title longer than a week.

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carv712 says:
note: Lee Westwood is also the only World's No. 1 with ears large enough to pick up the trace echoes from the fluttering wings of nearby insects and birds.
Banker85 says:
enjoy it while it lasts.
Backquak says:
note to self... never get to be no. 1 golfer in the world... people will make fun of your physical features.
bducharm says:
I disagree with what was written - "Lee Westwood is (finally) (officially) the best golfer in the world" Lee Westwood is RANKED #1, based on the current points system. Being the "best golfer in the world" is very subjective at any time. I say Tiger will have the ranking back by the end of the Masters!
DiC says:
Seems there are a lot of bitter people on here who are very quick to take the p***. From what I understand Lee is one of the nicest blokes you'll meet. So maybe sometimes nice blokes do come first! Well done Westwood and to those who don't have anything better to fill there lives with that name calling, maybe come back and comment once you've achieved something of note in your own lives!
carv712 says:
@DIC: As per your request, the following: I've been awarded the trophy for being the "Most Hyper-Sensitive Person to Jokes that Don't Personally Involve Me" whew, what a long title... oh wait, the trophy actually has "DiC" engraved on it, my mistake.
DiC says:
It wasn't actually a reference to your quite frankly cheap shot, although I grant you that he does have larger than your average ears ;)
Just seems that some people are all too quick to write off his achievement as "Ah, well, I give it a week!" The guy came back from somewhere around 260th-(ish) in the World rankings to be number one...! Pretty impressive stuff really.
Kickntrue says:
@DiC- I totally hear what you're saying- and hopefully the article didn't have a bashing tone. I think where people are negative isn't so much personal against Westwood as the fact that a computer has declared a person the best golfer in the world who has never won a major championship. It's kind of like the BCS... does it normally pit the best teams together and give us a National Champion- sure... but nobody understands how it works- specifically in the "computer" aspects. Golf World Ranking is the same way.
Sparker1969 says:
Depending on the results in China this week, he could tie Tom Lehman for the shortest ever #1 reign at one week.

Every other player that has been ranked #1 has eventually won at least one major. I hope Lee can keep the streak alive.
carv712 says:
Fair enough, maybe I'm the sensitive one; and I agree, I question whether anyone knows how to react to a new No. 1 - it has been so long since the world has witnessed this changing of the guard. However, it would be naive to think many would adulate Westwood in the same fashion as they did Tiger when he first claimed World No. 1. Seriously though, how does he stay on the ground with those wings on the side of his head during windy rounds at the Open Championship?
cjgiant says:
I can understand the points being made, but World's #1 is supposed to be a "right now" (ha! see: took Tiger a year to lose it) award, not a career award. Do people think that "right now" Tiger is a better golfer than Westwood? Consider this versus whether you think Westwood is a better golfer "ever" against Tiger, no contest.
jbird2011 says:
Isn't a little rediculous that the number one golfer is also a huge choker. How many majors has he one again?
legitimatebeef says:
I understand there's numerical formula and it spans two years and all but still. It don't add up, from a common sense perspective. Woods didn't win this year, but won 7 times in 09, 6 of them PGAT wins, one of them a WGC. Westwood in 2009 won 2 Euro titles and none on the PGA. He had some good major finishes-two T3's, but then Woods had two T6 and a 2nd place. In '10 Woods had zero wins, but Westwood only had one more, and it was a mid-level tournament. If the formula goes back two years, doesn't it still include those six USPGA wins? How does that not trump Lee Westwood's not quite awesome results? I guess Woods lowered his average by having those few horrible tournaments this year.
philipb says:
jbird2010... He has 'one' no majors... in fact... nobody has 'one' any majors... Quite a few other guys may have WON majors.. but that apparently is a different story.

Being ranked #1 is testament for the hard work that he has put in fighting back to being among the best in the game after the slide down the rankings a few years back, oh and also for being the best ball striker in the game. It is also a mark of his consistency and utter dominance over the last 2 years. Nobody else (apart from maybe Kaymer this year) has come close to this form over a long period. Congratulations to Lee Westwood on a fantastic achievement and long may it continue, and well done for destroying the Americans again at the Ryder Cup :)
ayparekh says:
Let’s view this another way….in spite of his horrible play this past year, if TW was still No. 1, then there is certainly something wrong with this computer system. I’m a huge TW (the golfer) fan and if he can get his swing ‘corrected’ then by all means go for the No. 1 title again. I don’t see anyone challenging him when his game is “on”…..but until that happens, let Lee Westwood enjoy this moment. Sorry Phil, you had your shot(s) !
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