I Want To Retire Like Lorena
By Kickntrue on 11/1/10
I want to "retire" like Lorena Ochoa. Last week Lorena made news by saying she'd be open to playing in LPGA events from retirement. This past weekend, she played in a co-ed event in China, beating the likes of Colin Montgomery and Greg Norman to win $1.28M.
Lorena Ochoa won the Mission Hills Star Trophy Sunday by two shots over Colin Montgomerie (she had rounds of 71-71).

The inaugural two-day, pro-celebrity event was held at the new five-star Mission Hills Resort Haikou on China's Hainan Island, and drew such high-profile celebrities as Catherine Zeta Jones, Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey and Michael Phelps.
So ya- she's retired, decided to play in one event, wins, only having to beat a couple washed up old guys and some celebs and makes more than most of us will make in 20 years. Wait... why do we root for these people again?!

Also of note from this event- Ryuji Imada was using life, clean and place procedures and wasn't informed until the 12th hole that the rules were not being used. Imada was forced to take a 26-shot penalty and had to sign for a 97. HILARIOUS! He didn't notice nobody else was doing it?!

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Imada signs for 97

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bkuehn1952 says:
So much money has been flowing into China over the past decade, we are likely to see more of these high-end sports competitions/exhibitions. The Chinese entrepreneurs are willing to throw lots of money around to get attention.
dtak84 says:
Actually, those rules WERE in place. The rule is different for where they were playing as opposed to the PGA tour though.

Here, I believe you can lift, clean and drop within one club length of the original spot. There, you have to drop within one scorecard length of the original spot. It was posted on the rules sheet in the locker room, and he failed to read it.
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