Phil Is Ready To Rumble
By Kickntrue on 11/3/10
Phil had all summer to become number 1 and couldn't do it- but a strong performance ins Shanghai this weekend can still accomplish the feat. The reason Phil could have a better chance of doing it now? It appears he was hurt more than he was letting on all summer while dealing with his arthritis.
Mickelson has been coping with psoriatic arthritis since the week before the U.S. Open, and those around him have said it affected him far more than the Masters champion let on. Given a chance to reach No. 1 in every tournament this summer, the best he could manage was a tie for eighth in the BMW Championship.

A lost summer? Mickelson isn't sure.

"I don't know. It's hard to say," he said as he walked down the range at Sheshan International. "The U.S. Open, I might have been affected. But I've had good time off. I'm on a good medicine. Things feel pretty good. I'm excited where I'm at, excited I can work out the same and get back into the gym, and get back to work again."

For the first time since Pebble Beach, Mickelson feels as though he is back to normal.
While nobody understands the mathematical system, I think it'd be good for golf to have a couple number 1's for awhile- battling each other for the mythical title each week. For USA golf, it'd probably be a good thing if Phil was in that mix.

He is the defending champion of this event, the HSBC Champions, so you have to like his chances, though he'll have to do it against one of the best fields of 2010. It's too bad the time zones make this a tough event to catch- because it's nice to have big time golf being played, even if only for a rare November weekend.

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GolfSmith7 says:
He won't get it done! You heard it here first!
mjaber says:
I think he will eventually reach number 1 in the World Golf Rankings, even if he backs into it the way Westwood did.
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