John Boehner
At Least Obama And Boehner Have Golf
By Kickntrue on 11/4/10
Sure- President Barack Obama and probably Speaker of the House to-be John Boehner don't have a relationship now... but at least they both love golf. I figure as long as they have that- they should be able to get over all the small stuff like differences of opinion on the economy, health care, immigration, education, etc. I mean... what does any of that little crap matter compared to sticking a 7 iron to 6 feet?
The two went after each other hard on the campaign trail. The president mocked Boehner’s point that Obama’s financial reform bill amounts to “killing an ant with a nuclear weapon.” And last weekend, the president called Boehner and other Republicans “cocky” about their election prospects. “Accurate” is more like it.

Boehner allies say that beyond an occasional joke, the two have never really seen eye to eye. Last month, Boehner described their usual encounters to Fox News. “First thing that happens is, you know, I come in and he’ll say, ‘Boehner, you’re almost as dark as me.’ You know, I listen. We talk about golf. We’ll talk about our skin color.”
So wait- you're really telling me these two don't get along? Obama is calling Boehner "cocky," which if you think like a teenager (like me) is hilarious. They both golf- and when they are together they rip on each other's skin color? That's either extremely racist- or more likely the foundation of a great brolationship.

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Backquak says:
I think its good that they can rip on each other as long as no one else finds it offensive, but you know someone will... they should play golf and banter back and forth, then maybe just maybe... oh never mind
homermania says:
"brolationship" I like how you turn words into dudes.
wrhall02 says:
Golf to unite the great divide??? Would be nice.
Clint24 says:
How do you pronounce his name? 'Boehener'? or 'Boner'?
Matt F says:
I'd go with Boner...but I think he's a .......
woobwoob says:
Pronounced like "Bayner", but acts like a..... That would be amusing if they had a skins contest. Hole 1 is for Election Finance Reform, Hole 2 is for Tax Cuts, Hole 3 is for Energy Reform, hahahaha
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