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5 Guys Looks Gross- BUT SOOO GOOD!
Phil... The Vegetarian?!
By Kickntrue on 11/5/10
If you made a list of every golfer on the PGA Tour and then ranked them in likelihood of becoming vegetarian, where would you put Phil Mickelson? I'm guessing not at the top, especially considering he owns a bunch of Five Guys Burgers franchises, but apparently, as of right now, that is the case.
t the PGA Championship, Phil Mickelson revealed a shocking secret: since the week before the US Open, he’s been suffering from psoriatic arthritis. And as part of the treatment, doctors prescribed him a vegetarian diet, which the part-owner of Five Guys, a fast food burger joint, was embracing. Earlier this week at the HSBC Champions in Shanghai, Phil was asked for the status of his moratorium on meat. Prognosis: Not so good, reports the AP.

“I’ve been doing it for just over four months and I’m just having second thoughts,” he said. “I don’t know if it really is going to make a difference or what. So we’ll see. We can talk about it in January, and I’ll have a better idea – see how the holidays go.”
Just like Phil... he's cracking to the pressure! ZING!

Just kidding- I'm 100% behind Phil on this one. No man with his stature should be forced to be a vegetarian. I mean... if doctors told him he wouldn't be able to play golf if he eats meat, but all other parts of life would be normal- I'd think he'd have to strongly consider retiring. No meat?! That's not even ... human. Especially for Phil Mickelson... now if we were talking Camilo that'd be a different story.

Go Phil! Eat Meat! Fight Through The Pain!

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Banker85 says:
that burger looks delicious! ya smoke drink eat meat be a man Phil!
homermania says:
I have a friend who swears on his life that he saw Phil whip out a bowl and smoke pot at the International tournament years ago in Colorado. I'm not saying that he doesn't, but I'm hard pressed to believe that he would do it on course or at a tourney. Needless to say, I don't believe my friend, but he swears by his story. Now, whenever I see him giving a bleary-eyed presser, I think "Hmm..."
birdieXris says:
Five Guys IS delicious.
GolfSmith7 says:
I am proud of Phil. Food for thought no pun intended. America is the leading nation in 1. Heart failure 2. cardiovascular disease. 3. Cancer 4. Diabetes 5. Obesity and that is all life style related to diet meat being the primary culprit. Don't believe the rigged news reports sponsored by the meat industry check out the link below.

Kickntrue says:
@golfsmith7- BUZZKILL!
GolfSmith7 says:
My credentials to make those statments is. 1. I am a minister of the longest living community in the world check out video below 2. my wife is a medical doctor who concurs with the link in my previous statment. I only bring it up because I deeply care about peoples health and the topic came up.

SD Charlie says:
A Five Guys just opened up in Point Loma (neighborhood of San Diego), I wonder if that's one of Phil's? That would make sense. Everything can be enjoyed in moderation. (Well, except for golf, that is)
srogers13 says:
I am a member of PETA- People Eating Tasty Animals
dartboss04 says:
five guys is best...haven't had in n out so i can't compare but in the northeast, you can't beat five guys...
Banker85 says:
@homermania: that is funny i always wondered why Phil always looks stoned.
legitimatebeef says:
Homermania, I've heard various rumors here and there about the same thing. To me, it sounds too good to be true. Phil seems too straight-laced to be engaging in that kind of behavior. But if that is somehow true, I will renege on my whole history of not liking Phil and I will declare him the coolest guy in pro sports.
mjaber says:
Not eating meat is a decision... eating meat is an instinct- Denis Leary
homermania says:
@Banker and Beef: I'm sure the same percentage of guys on the tour smoke as everyone else in the world. The unbelievable part of my friend's story was that it was a particularly fancy piece.
falcon50driver says:
All the tree hugging has given me the munchies. I'm going out for a Filet Mignon, a tall glass of Beefeater, and an Arturo Fuente.
KVSmith59 says:
looks like the spammers are migrating from the forums - FCUN

I wouldn't be suprised if Phil lit up every once in a while. He is from my great State of CA and we came close to legalizing pot this week.
Matt F says:
@KVSmith59 - But the pot heads were too stoned to go out and vote!
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