Molinari Takes HSBC Champions
By Kickntrue on 11/8/10
Since the word "Champions" is in the name of the tournament that technically makes Francesco Molinari the HSBC Champions Champion, or do you drop the first and just go with HSBC Champion? I'm so confused.
Francesco Molinari outlasted Lee Westwood in a spirited duel Sunday in the HSBC Champions for a one-shot victory to capture his first World Golf Championship and continue a memorable year for Italy.

Molinari closed with a 5-under 67 at Sheshan International for his first win this season, and only the second of his career. He spoiled the debut of Westwood as the world's No. 1 player, although the Englishman put up a fight worthy of his ranking.
I got home from "Due Date" (/funny but no "Hangover") on Saturday night around midnight so figured I'd settle up and watch some golf. It was odd watching live and meaningful golf in the middle of the night. I kind of liked it.

For years, everyone has wondered what would happen when a new generation of young players, inspired by the domination of Tiger Woods to play golf, would finally become pro. I think 2010 is the answer. Ironically, Tiger Woods led to his own mediocrity. But- that's what happens in all sports, and it's a good thing. Players get bigger, faster, stronger and more skilled- and as fans, we reap the benefits. I could do much more with this... but I think it's a good stand alone blog post for later.

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jev says:
Just look at the difference between places 2 and 3! Westwood -18 for the tournament, T3 at -9.
birdieXris says:
OMG, funny doesn't even begin to describe Due Date, man. "No Hangover" is right, but i was laughing so hard that i was CRYING on multiple occasions.

Oh yea, and congrats to Francesco.
mjaber says:
I don't get why everyone thought "Hangover" was so great. It was "Dude, Where's my car?" in Vegas. Maybe I should have been drinking while watching it. It was OK, but I wasn't overly impressed.

Fire away, Hangover lovers. I can take it. :)
Kickntrue says:
It was "Dude, Where's my car?" in Vegas. (you act like that's a bad thing... plus- don't forget the Rated R humor makes it WAY funnier /naked asian dude...)

Maybe I should have been drinking while watching it. (yes)

Fire away, Hangover lovers. I can take it. :) (it's cool. we can't all like the same movies. maybe you can explain the joys of The Notebook to me sometime.)
dartboss04 says:
hangover and dude where's my car are not even in the same was the perfect mix of characters and bit parts in the hangover...galifinakis was definitely on point...and all the bit parts were great (cops, ken jeong, tyson cameo, etc.)
mjaber says:
@Kickntrue... haven't seen the Notebook. It's not that I didn't think it had its moments, I just felt like I had seen the movie before. The humor was predictable.

I'm curious, how would you compare "The Hangover" to "Good Morning, Vietnam"?
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