Will You Be Paying With Cash, or Gulbis?
By Kickntrue on 2/23/07
Natalie Gulbis, the LPGA's sex icon, has signed an agreement with Payment Data for exclusive rights to market the Natalie Gulbis MasterCard. The intention of the deal is for the 23 year old star to "help the company reach the young and successful audience that would be drawn to the young golfer".

I guess "congrats" to Natalie, but I'm trying to think how this works. Natilie IS hot, there is no doubt- but am I going to carry a credit card around with her picture on it? I feel like I would be embarrased to pay for my groceries and hand that to the cashier. I wonder if it will be a shot of her golfing, or a shot of her posing sexy?

We will post more, when we know it. Any excuse for picture of Gulbis on the site are taken advantage of!


Found at TheGolfGirl.com

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