Rory To Stay In Europe
By Kickntrue on 11/9/10
Golf fans hoping to see more of Rory McIlory in 2011 will have to tune in to early morning Golf Channel coverage- because he's staying on the European Tour.
Northern Irish golfer Rory McIlroy will not join the U.S. PGA Tour for 2011, saying he enjoys his time in Europe too much.

The 21-year-old told reporters he no longer wanted to play the mandatory number of tournaments required in the States and joins world No. 1 Lee Westwood in rejecting the card to stay in Europe.

"Sometimes you feel as though you have to be in America just to play the mandatory 15 and, at the start of this year, that was something I really wanted to do," he said.

"I did that, but I also realized it wasn't for me but then it doesn't mean to say that I don't want to play full time in the States again."
While I'd love to see more of McIlroy in the States it's hard to blame him. He'll still get plenty of chances with majors to play in the USA and why would he want to be away from family and friends and totally burn himself out? Of course- it helps that the European Tour has shown itself lately to be quite deep and plenty capable of making you a better golfer.

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PS- There is not a single free picture of Rory McIlroy online?! Come on Flickrites! Let's go!

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Backquak says:
Does the European Tour have the same groove rule the PGA does? I'm just wondering cause they had different COR rules (and they might still have it) for drivers in the past, so I wondered if they accepted the new groove rule over there.
Bama61 says:
I agree with Kickntrue, I'd like to see more of him her. But the complete article seems to sound like the PGA will have problems because some of the European players aren't coming back.

The PGA has been and will continue to be the ultimate tour in golf. For many years you hardly ever saw a European play here regularly and we did just fine. I think after awhile there will be players coming back because they will also realize where the ultimate golf game is played.
jev says:
The ultimate golf ofcourse is NOT played in the US, it's played in the UK :^/.
Dazinkster says:
Yes Jev! :D
sepfeiff says:
I think the minimum tournament play is in order to cover the expansion dreams of the chuckleheads in the pgatour office. IMO they need to trim down the number of events, expand the purses and not try to exhaust the players or the general public on the sport of golf.
Banker85 says:
really expand the purses? these guys are already getting paid tons of cash to golf. that aside, i like rory and the euros have strong players. its too bad cause i like seeing the strong fields week in week out and if some of these guys dont play that often it will swindle for sure. but to each his own. Europe is his home, plain and simple.
Banker85 says:
so Lee Westwood is not gonna be a regular on the PGA tour? i dont get how a #1 doesnt play on the #1 tour in the world? that is kinda screwed up.
mjaber says:
I think the Euro and PGA Tours should merge. 4 months on each side of the pond and a 2 month off-season. Break it up however you like. I'd even vote for the PGA Championship to be moved to Europe, making 2 majors on each side. The only caveat being that it needs to be played somewhere other than Britain.

First half of the season, and the first 2 majors would be in the US. Sometime after the US Open, everything moves to Europe for the 2nd half of the season and the final 2 majors.
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