What Is Wrong With People?!
By Kickntrue on 11/10/10
A man was found yesterday morning on the US side of Niagara Falls beaten to death with a golf club.
Authorities tell Buffalo media outlets that a motorist spotted John Smith laying in a pool of blood in a Niagara Falls alley early Tuesday morning and summoned help.

Police say Smith was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, then to Erie County Medical Center in Buffalo, where he died Tuesday night. Police say Smith never regained consciousness.

Officials say the head of a putter was found at the scene, but police were still looking for the golf club's shaft.
A putter?! Really?! I realize there are over 5,000,000,000 people in the world, so when I read a story of a golf club beating (happens about once every month), I need to come to grips with the fact that a very small percentage of people are actually crazy, but still...

Sadly, because the victim's name was "John Smith" now the most people humanly possible have to call to check on their loved relative and friend.

And now- I'm way off topic- and please, don't think I'm making light of this story- because it's terribly tragic- and I hope they find out who did it, but in FAKE life (the movies)- some horror director should totally make a slasher flick where the killer users putters. The MYSTERY is that he uses "Yes!" putters and matches up the victim's name with the name of the club. It be a great inside joke for hardcore golfers and girls named Hanna, Olivia, Tracy, Abbie, Gina, Victoria, etc could never walk on a golf course again! I'm going to start writing this script.

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bducharm says:
Andrew, seriously you need to ask that question? We have fallen away from core values and there in lies some of the problem! If we would treat people the way we would like to be treated, life would be so much easier. It does and doesn't amaze me when I read stories like this. I am SO glad and thankful that I found Christ and He changed my life! I was on such a bad track! (Go ahead, flame me...)
Banker85 says:
even if we all treated each other the way we want to be treated the world will still be f'd up. these crazy people are sick in the head and it will always be like that.

not so sure on the movie yet but i'll wait till the script is done.
Bryan K says:
I don't think we've fallen away from core values as much as the world has become a much, much smaller place due to the over-inundation we have today from all kinds of media sources.
Tha Clint says:
Hmmm next time i play golf i'm going to make sure i don't walk on anybody's line just to be safe
mjaber says:
A father and his nephew were beaten during trick-or-treating in my town. The reason? Dad yelled at the kid driving the van to slow down. The punks in the van stopped, turned around, and beat the guy. Shattered his knee, torn ligaments. His nephew also got a beating for trying to pull the punks off his uncle. Multiple fractures of his eye-socket and a broken nose. The guys son was able to get a plate and vehicle description and give it to police. The cops cuaght 2 that day and 2 more a couple days later, but the son has transfered to a different high school out of fear of retribution for helping the cops.

The world has gone crazy. Nobody stands up and says "Hey, this isn't right" anymore. It's always "too hard" or "not my problem".
mjaber says:
@bducharm... I'm not a religious person, but if you take away the mythological aspects of any religion and focus on what they are trying to say, it makes alot of sense. Be nice to each other. Help out when someone needs it. Leave your neighbor's wife alone and stop drooling.

I'm going to get off my soapbox now.
Bryan K says:
mjaber....interestingly, though, you just posted an example of someone saying "hey, this isn't right".
mjaber says:
@Bryan... You're right... maybe I should have said "not enough people" :)
falcon50driver says:
How many strokes did it take ?
Bryan K says:
I tell the story about one of my occasional golf partners who was beaten with a sand wedge in 2009 for what is, for him, normal behavior. I know the person who beat him with the sand wedge, and it was simply a momentary slip. It's no excuse. He's done some time for it, and he is banned from all of the golf courses in the tri-state area as a result. He's now a felon, but he is apologetic for the act.

Tempers flare on the golf course. It's no secret. But you learn a lot about a person from how he acts when his temper flares. I have had two occasions since returning to the game where my temper almost got the better of me, and I promised myself before I took it back up again that I was not going to be that person. Both times I caught myself, and both times I was able to alter my actions to encompass something less harmful but just as relieving.

Some people just have no control of their tempers, and when you give those people a bag full of deadly weapons, that's a dangerous combination.
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