Poulter Could Be Staying In Europe Too
By Kickntrue on 11/12/10
First Rory tells us he's sticking to Europe (understandable), and now Ian Poulter is saying he may do the same. So has the European Tour really gotten that much better, are these guys just homesick, or is there something else going on? As it turns out- a little of each, probably.

The PGA Tour requires a golfer to participate in 15 events to keep a card. The European Tour used to require 10 events, but has slowly been creeping that number up and next year 13 events will be needed to keep a card. Playing the 28 events (or thereabouts- I think some majors and WCG events may cross over) required to be full-time on both Tours is a pretty steep ask, especially when you consider the travel required.
“Hopefully it won’t get more difficult as I will have to make a decision myself,” said Poulter

“I have a house over in the States and my family is well settled over there, but then you can’t deny playing two tours is becoming increasingly difficult, especially with the European Tour number you have to play going up,” he added.

“It was 11 events two years ago before it went to 12 and now it’s up to 13, and that’s on top of having to play the mandatory 15 across the ‘Pond’.”
It used to be that the European Tour wanted it to be as easy as possible for their stars to keep duel playing statuses, so they wouldn't completely ditch their homeland, but as the Tour has become strongly they are wisely using that to their advantage and beefing up their requirements. You certainly can't fault them for that, though there's little doubt that it makes it harder for Americans to watch the best golf possible. Maybe the world doesn't revolve around us...? Nah- not possible!

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Banker85 says:
no it does revolve around us. that said ian poulter is a cry baby douche could care less if him and his gay outifts dont play the Real Tour ie PGA. That is a lot to ask of the players who want duel status on both tours. I would think that th money is better though in the states right? bigger purses?
Kickntrue says:
@Banker85- Despite the resurgence of European golf and the Tour I think you'd find no real arguments that the money and competition is better in the USA. That said- we sometimes forget these are real people with real lives. Would you pick up and leave everything you know as "home" behind for a bigger salary? Maybe. But if you're already making $5M and you're talking about maybe making $6M- then is it really worth it?! I LOVE to travel and see the world- but that's different from living elsewhere. I'm guessing most of us would stay at home.
Backquak says:
Its time to combine the two into a one world government... I mean golf tour
Banker85 says:
@Kickntrue: valid points. Either way it seems that there are some many good high caliber players now on both tours that the Euro and PGA both will have superstars and strong fields. I just dont care for Poulter. Rory though i like. we will see them in the majors and thats all that really counts.
mjaber says:
@Backquak... I said the same thing in the post about Rory. I think they should merge the 2 and have a half and half season. 1st half in the US with the Masters & US Open, 2nd half in Europe with the British & newly transferred PGA (played in Europe) as the 2nd half majors.
leeheppjr says:
Has Tiger played 15 events this year?
helfon says:
Well the European Tour is getting larger so I would assume that the payouts are getting larger as well. They don't have to equal the PGA to make it worth it for some of these guys. If you are coming up an average of 20th in the states but an average of 10th on the european tour due to weaker fields maybe the money is similar without having to live in a foreign country. (Hooray for made up stats to support my arguments :-)
Kickntrue says:
@leeheppjr- Nope. Only 12 (actually surprised it was that many). Fortunately for him, he's exempt in about 20 different ways.
Panerai111 says:
Is that a David Duval headcover?
sepfeiff says:
@kickntrue - second that, Having a family and playing any tour based professional sport is extremely difficult. Months away from home living out of suitcases in a hotel. There's almost no money in the world worth that.
Dougsmithsr says:
Look these guy's almost all go to school here to play better golf, most of the stars live here already. The money is better here, courses are better here, competition is better here, weather definately is better here! If they don't want to play here go back home and play there, but don't worry they all come back eventually....
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