Troy Merritt Wins Kodak Challenge
By Kickntrue on 11/15/10
Okay Kodak, you win (this time). After two years of bashing your stupid "Kodak Challenge" I will admit I checked online this weekend specifically to see who won. That doesn't mean I still don't think the Kodak Challenge is a dumb idea, it just means you're lucky Rickie Fowler was involved.

For those who don't follow ridiculous ways for rich guys to make even more money, the Kodak Challenge was set up over the entire season where 1 hole in each event counted towards the contest. However each player did on that hole counted towards their Kodak Challenge total- low score winning a million bucks. So basically- it's a huge prize for players who enter almost every week (the biggest names in golf don't even play enough events to qualify) and until the last event, nobody notices.

Well- yesterday we noticed- because 3 players, including Fowler tied through the Kodak holes and there was a unique winner-takes-all playoff for the prize.
Troy Merritt captured the 2010 Kodak Challenge today in a sudden-death playoff on Kodak Challenge hole #17 at the Children’s Miracle Network Classic. Merritt defeated Rickie Fowler and Aaron Baddeley in a one-hole playoff at Disney’s Magnolia Course in Lake Buena Vista, FL to take home the $1 million winner-takes-all Kodak Challenge prize.

Once the tournament concluded, co-leaders Merritt, Fowler and Baddeley lined up on the Kodak Challenge hole for the sudden death playoff. The lights set up along the hole weren’t needed, as Merritt made quick work of the playoff. The rookie from Boise State landed his 133-yard approach to 18 inches. After Fowler and Baddeley each missed long birdie putts, Merritt calmly buried the short putt to secure the Kodak Challenge victory and the winner-takes-all $1 million prize.
The prize for Robert Garrigus for winning the actual event was "only" $846,000 (and a spot on the 2011 Tour) while the Kodak Challenge provided extra excitement and a bigger prize.

Ironically, Merritt was in a precarious situation where he could've actually lost his 2011 Tour Card by finishing outside the Top 125 on the money list and still won the $1M. Fortunately for him- he kept his card (finishing exactly at 125) though his $1M Kokak check was still bigger than his entire 2010 earnings ($786,977). Forgive me for not shedding a tear either way.

Okay Kodak, you may have won this year- but the ball's in your court for next. You've got to change this up a bit, as it just isn't working (until the last week if at all).

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Kurt the Knife says:
saw it on tv last nite.
125th, on the edge, tags it within inches.
Was pretty exciting IMHO.
Kurt the Knife says:

oh, wait...second now i s'pose
Banker85 says:
ya, the only reason i was remotley interested was to see if Fowler won. but then i forgot all about it unitl now. so ya, that says it all.
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