Jim Furyk Wins Player Of Year
By Kickntrue on 11/17/10
I don't know how I missed the one actual piece of "real news" this week, but we should probably celebrate the fact that Furyk is the POY.
Jim Furyk, a three-time winner on tour this year, edged Ryder Cup teammates Matt Kuchar and Steve Stricker in being named PGA Player of the Year on Monday.

Furyk collected 60 points, 10 more than both Kuchar and Stricker. Ernie Els (46) and Phil Mickelson (42) rounded out the top five.

The breakdown of Furyk's winning points total: 30 for capturing the Transitions Championship, Verizon Heritage and Tour Championship; 18 for ranking second on the money list; and 12 for finishing fifth (69.83) in the adjusted scoring average list.
This is the PGA Player of the year... not the writer's "Golfer of the Year" award. I'm not sure one really matters more than the other- especially in a year when you could make an argument for about 4 different golfers, and an argument for not having one altogether.

Of course, he won the FedExCup so he has about 10,000,000 extra reasons to not really care.

Still- congrats to Jimmy!

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Kurt the Knife says:
My favorite Marfan.

Saw the cat swing at the US open. Like an octopus falling out a tree. But ROCK SOLID.
homermania says:
Yay! Go Jimmy!
lcgolfer64 says:
"Like an octopus falling out a tree."

Kurt hits another one out of the park! Hahaha!
dottomm says:
+1 Kurt!
Kurt the Knife says:
full disclosure:
the octopus line I read in a golf magazine a while ago.
Thanks anyway.
bducharm says:
Yep - the Octopus comment is from David Feherty...
Trav says:
Seems like as really good guy and I liked how he stood up after missing the alarm. But it's still hard to watch him play, especially the putting.
legitimatebeef says:
A fitting poster boy for a very ho hum year. No one stood out. Even Phil couldn't manage to string together more than a single win.
legitimatebeef says:
Also three of the major champions weren't even PGAT members. Gawd I am such a downer. :b
cjgiant says:
I argue no one standing out is a good thing, for the long term (full disclosure - not a big Tiger fan). I don't actually know if a dominant player is good for golf, or if it's a sign of that player's skill or the lack of it in his competition (yer, Tiger's early years have this stigma in some people's eyes). To me, it's not.

I was impressed by Kuchar's play this year. It is TOTALLY my impression (after looking at the results/statistics I find myself more impressed than I should be), but he seemed to be in or make a run at some point in every tournament he was in that I paid attention to. He only pulled out one (although 11/26 top 10s led tour).

However, overall, the rise of multiple players this year I think is a good thing.
Kurt the Knife says:
I have really enjoyed this last season of televised golf. Once there was a time cameras were on TW almost exclusively. BO-RING. It was refreshing to see a wider range of players swings, strategies and emotions. TW's typical roaring-fistpumping victory celebrations compared with stuff like Bubba Watson's or Graeme McDowell's and of course, Furyk's cold, intense focus last few holes of the tour champs.
I tought it was a good season to watch TV golf and to see some of the prizes spread around the field.
wrhall02 says:
Agree with Kurt the Knife. This season was better to watch (for me). Seeing TW all the time during every Event gets old. Every big Tourney had a new group competing to win on Sunday afternoon. A lot of dram unfolded.

New players got some good coverage this year, and that was refreshing. I have two new PGA favorites to follow: Bubba and DJ. I even got to see some good European talent this year (Quiros, McDowell, the Molinari brothers, Rory etc).

It is also reassuring to a hack like myself that even the best golfer in the world struggles with his game. He is human! I think TW will be motivated next season, I hope the rest of the players are ready to step it up a notch.
Banker85 says:
ya i think it was a great season, i would have liked to see TW win once in 2010 that would have been the cherry on top. But all the talent that is out there is awesome and makes for great TV! ya i really Like DJ and Bubba now. and those euros are super talented as well. really awesome stuff. Now if Tiger can get back to form he will have legit competition next year which could make for an even better season. Where before it seemed like there wasnt anyone to challenge him.
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