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LPGA's New Logo?
Transgender Ban On LPGA Could Be Overturned
By Kickntrue on 11/18/10
It looks like 57 year old Lana Lawless's lawsuit against the LPGA may have some legs. The LPGA had a special meeting and has recommended changing language in their rules that would allow for transgendered women to play on Tour.
In a special “one-agenda item” meeting at the Hana Bank Championship in South Korea at the end of October, LPGA players were briefed on the upcoming vote and the vital nature of it. According to sources familiar with the meeting, LPGA players were told the “female at birth” provision was created “in a different time” and would be a significant challenge to defend legally today. Players were also informed that the International Olympic Committee, the U.S. Golf Association, the Ladies European Tour and the British Ladies Golf Union are among sports organizations that have already amended their bylaws to allow transgender participation.

LPGA commissioner Mike Whan and the LPGA’s executive committee are expected to recommend the change to the association’s bylaws.
I have a hard time believing we're going to see a 57 year old women start dominating the LPGA Tour, so the immediate ripples of a change like this won't be great. The more curious situation will be when and if an uber-talented 22 or 23 year old transgendered female golfer ever comes along. I totally get living as a female and that you identify as female, but if you're biology is a man's, and you hit the ball 50-75 yards longer than everyone else, other ladies on Tour would have to feel a bit slighted, no?

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Via WeiUnderPar.com

[ comments ]
birdieXris says:
I LOL'd at the photo. My coworkers walked down the hall to see what was wrong.
bkuehn1952 says:
LPGA: these gals, ahh..., these guys, err..., these persons are good!
KVSmith59 says:
Also, I'm guessing we won't see Lana on a "Hottest LPGA Player" list anytime soon.
askarzy says:
My god...
Kurt the Knife says:
as if golf ain't complicated enough.
Envythepea says:
Call me old fashioned. It's wrong. She still has the muscles of a man. It's not a fair advantage. If it was a beauty contest--wait, I'm making myself sick.
birdieXris says:
@ Envy - yea that's what i think. i can't believe it was turned over so fast. we'll see how good she really is i guess.
Matt F says:
The reality is you won't see a 22 or 23 year old transgender. I believe the hoops they have to go through for the operations and hormone treatments are such that they'd be well into their 30's by the time they could legally be classified as a woman. A bit too old to start at the bottom of the LPGA or any other tour except the Champions.

Matt F says:
PS: Love the new logo.

legitimatebeef says:
This is just wrong. I hope this person is completely shunned at every golf course/driving range in the world. Call yourself whatever you want but you were born with a dick, you compete with men. Asshole.
Kurt the Knife says:
Maybe they can create their own tour.
"The ambiguously gendered GA"
falcon50driver says:
Anybody ever taken a good look at pictures of "Babe" Zaharias ? She was an outstanding athlete in every sport she competed in. That was before they checked your "junk"..
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