People Suck! (UPDATE)
By Kickntrue on 11/18/10
UPDATE- The thief should have listened to me. He was caught because he had goods that couldn't be properly moved for money. The found the lost World Series ring- as well as the watch which had already been moved to a pawn shop.

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While golfing, former LA Dodger catcher Jim Campanis had his World Series ring along with a Rolex stolen from his golf bag.
Former Dodgers catcher Jim Campanis, who was able to laugh off being traded by his own father, has suffered a real indignity: Somebody stole his 1988 World Series ring while he played in an Inland golf tournament Monday.

The thief also took a gold-and-platinum Rolex watch that Campanis had given to his father and took off his wrist upon his death.

The uninsured jewelry was in a bag that Campanis had knotted at the top and placed inside a zippered compartment of his golf bag while he warmed up for a tournament at Western Hills Golf Course in Chino Hills.
Thieves are stupid, especially thieves like this. What are you going to do?! It's not like you'll get value for either item- so you'll end up selling it for pennies on the dollar on the black market, especially the World Series Ring. It's not like you can put the thing on eBay or sell it to a collector.

Here is a public service announcement for all potential thieves... ROB BANKS. There is more money in banks and what the cops and television cop dramas don't tell you is that bank robberies have the highest percentage of get aways amongst "big crimes." Almost 60% of all bank robberies end in success. You can probably eliminate the 40% who get caught on pure stupidity- so if you're smart, and you plan, and you really need some dough- plan ahead and rob a freaking bank. Stealing a Rolex and ring aren't getting you ahead in life.

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Info On Robbing A Bank

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Bryan K says:
Or, in the case of a notorious bank robber here from Fargo, he got caught because he robbed too many.
Banker85 says:
ya i dont agree with that. rob bloggers for their computers and free mechandise they get. oh ya dont forget to punch them a couple times in the face too.
Kurt the Knife says:
not your typical PSA
wrhall02 says:
Bummer for Campanis...two very special items that cannot be replaced. Yeah, thieves suck.
birdieXris says:
that video is funny as all get out!! they must b the cops from my hometown. no, wait, they were running.
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