Song Girls Chuckin Up The Deuces
By Kickntrue on 11/22/10
USC football player Dillon Baxter was suspended for 1 game this past week for receiving an improper benefit- a golf cart ride.
A student at USC who also works for a sports agency was warned by school officials to stay away from Trojan football players, lest he get them in trouble with the NCAA.
Then a week later he gave a golf cart ride to freshman running back Dillon Baxter.

The ride got Baxter suspended.

The golf cart ride could be considered an "improper benefit" and so the team reported a secondary violation to the NCAA and suspended Baxter for Saturday's game against Oregon State. (The Trojans lost 36-7.)
This is pathetic on the NCAA, but it's still shady basically because of the slimeballs that make up sports agencies.
The student in question is not an agent, but he is a registered as a "contract advisor" with the NFL Player's Association. That allows him to befriend his classmates, and discuss their football futures, without actually becoming their "representative." Provided no money or gifts change hands, it's legit.

However, when does a gesture among friend become a gift? And would the people even be friends, if one of them wasn't a football player? How many 22-year-old undergrads own a golf cart that they uses to ferry friends around campus?
It must be a complete pain in the butt to be a big time collegiate athlete. No wonder they all go pro as quickly as possible.

On the plus side- now I have a great excuse to post USC Song Girls!

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dsferris says:
It is obvious that the school knows about this kid. If I were the athletic department I would have his name, his address, his picture, and his phone number up in every locker room on campus. With the statement DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH THIS PERSON. I would put his picture and anybody on campus like him, into a power point and the first day of meetings I would show it, then explain why. If they had done this then when he offers Baxter a ride a light would go off in Baxter's head warning him to just walk away.
Kurt the Knife says:
huh huh huh

foo' bet
SD Charlie says:
My guess is that USC is walking on eggshells because of the recent Sanctions. It's ridiculous that the NCAA cracks down to this level, but I guess the line has to be drawn somewhere. What's worse, is that because of the Sanctions, the new AD, Pat Haden hired a guy whose sole responsibility is to prevent violations. Yeesh.
Trav says:
USC should require the student wear pink so everyone knows to stay away from him.
KennyRogers says:
The "contract advisor" should have simply contacted Baxter's parents and instructed them to not tell their son. It worked for Cecil Newton...
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