A Sunday Stroll At St. Andrews
By Kickntrue on 11/22/10
I learned something I didn't know about St. Andrews today. On Sundays the course is closed to "let the course rest" and it turns into a public park for the townspeople to enjoy. On Sundays many can be found strolling the course, enjoying a picnic and generally having a good time. In fact- there are only 4 occasions when Sunday play is allowed:
1) The final day of the Dunhill Links Championship, an annual event on the European Tour.

2) The final day of The Open Championship and 3) Ricoh Women's British Open when it is held at the Old Course; this happens roughly once every five years for the men; the women's championship began its turn on the rotation in 2007.

4) The final day of two top amateur events, the St Andrews Links Trophy and the St Rule Trophy.
It's such a quirky fact- I'm a little surprised I wasn't aware of it. Is it one of those things I've somehow never picked up and its well known to all of you? How great would it be to just go have a picnic in the fairway at St. Andrews?!

Bored mornings in short weeks can be enriching! Yah for Wikipedia!

Learn About St. Andrews - Wikipedia

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GolfSmith7 says:
My local course closes on mondays and its great it allows the members just walk the course as exercise. My wife and I walk all 18 every monday.
dottomm says:
I had read about St Andrews. It would be my luck that when I finally get across the pond — it would be on a Sunday.
mjaber says:
We've got a course nearby, Campbell's Scottish Highlands, that does a charity run every year. Basically, they turn the course into a cross-country running course. You start at one and run through 18.
TeT says:
Memorial in Houston closes on Tuesdays to rest...
SD Charlie says:
Cool tradition. It's one thing to close on a Monday or Tuesday, when the course would be dead anyway, but to close on a Sunday is really something. I think it's cool that they let people on to use it like a park.
bkuehn1952 says:
Ditto to @SD Charlie's remarks. Also, I would probably be the guy standing behind @Dottumm waiting for that Sunday tee time.
Kickntrue says:
@Tet- it's petty common for private courses to close one day a week but would any of those courses (let alone the most famous course in the world) let people walk all over it that day?
Dazinkster says:
The fact they let people on it tells you something about the type of people that live there. It's a real sleepy town that is golf crazy. All the locals will respect the course and look after it...and if they didn't there'd be some big Scotsman around to "politly" sort the person out. Lol.

It's a seriously nice town though, with a real magical feel about it. I'm hopefully going up to play the old lady next summer.
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