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I Want A Shark-Skinned Golf Ball
By Kickntrue on 11/24/10
Did you know sharks are basically underwater golf balls?
Sharks use a similar technology to the dimples that help a golf ball to fly straight to make sudden changes in direction in the water at full speed, physicists have found.

They use barely visible scales on their skin to control the flow of water over their bodies, that they can tilt at up to 60 degrees in an instant.

The ability to turn so swiftly in the water makes the predators even better hunters, said Amy Lang of the University of Alabama in the US.

She explained that like a golf ball's dimples, sharks had tiny ridges of teeth called mako scales that helped reduce the turbulence caused by the fish as they pass through the water.
I went to the Dominican Republic on my honeymoon and did one of those tours where you swim with the sharks. They tell you they're completely harmless so you happily swim 3 feet from these live torpedoes with little fear. That said- they look exactly like the "harmful" kind of shark and no matter what they tell you- when one of those things turns and you're face to face- you get awfully close to dropping your own "golf balls" into the water. Sharks to me are the water version of snakes. Most are harmless. In a lot of ways they're completely fascinating and a true wonder of creation. Still- I want no part of any of them other than watching with fear one week a year on Discovery Channel.

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homermania says:
Kurt the Knife says:
Tuna fish have turbulators.

Which is cool. I think.
birdieXris says:
yea, i'm not so much for being in the ocean with these things. Richard Dreyfuss said it best in "Jaws" - "This thing is a perfect engine.. all it does is swim, and eat, and make little sharks - that's it." I"m content with leaving them alone and having all my limbs intact. :)
Kurt the Knife says:
I had a friend who was body-boarding here in california(Great White diner)and he tells me, "dude, like take off one of your flippers, man. you'll move faster."
So I says, "I'm dressed in a black wetsuit looking a lot like a sea lion and you're suggesting i make the effort to look like an INJURED sea lion."

falcon50driver says:
Like awesome dude, like gnarly. like
Kurt the Knife says:
Awesome brah,

pitted, so pitted... like that.
falcon50driver says:
Yeah, some interviews reveal a lot.. A few years ago, college basketball star B.B.Davis was asked on national TV.."Sir, I understand you are majoring here at Lamar College, in Physical Education?" To which he replied.."Naw suh, I's takin PEE EEH !"
Kurt the Knife says:
or takin' A pee eeeh
Kip says:
You can find out more about how dimples impact the flight of golf balls by checking out the video called ""Mathematics that Swings: the Math Behind Golf" by Dr. Douglas N. Arnold" on YouTube at the 42 minute mark. It explains that the reason for the dimples on a golf ball has to do with drag, turbulence, speed, and distance. A smooth golf ball does not travel as far as a golf ball that's rough. That's why some old smooth golf balls were "hand hammered." So thus, we have dimples on the golf ball.
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