Man Dies When Golf Cart Goes Into Pond.
By Kickntrue on 2/26/07
Am I a bad person for laughing at this? An 85 year old man lost control of his golf cart into a pond this weekend. Not many details have been released at this point, but it is odd nonetheless. I'll admit, the first thing I did was laugh until I saw he was 85, then I felt a little bad- a little. (LimitedDetails)

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falcon50driver says:
Acouple of Texas Aggies drowned this weekend also when the truck, in which they were riding in the back of, ran into a pond too.... They were unable to get the tailgate open. It was so tragic because they were members of the famous study group that discovered, a few years ago, that 87% of putts that are not hit hard enough to reach the hole will not go in.
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