Is Nike Buying Scotty Cameron?
By Kickntrue on 12/2/10
Well- I guess this is one way to get Tiger to use a Nike putter full-time. Rumors are circling that Nike is buying Scotty Cameron.

Fortune Brands the company that owns Acushnet which is the company that makes Titleist and therefore Scotty Cameron is having a lot of troubles financially and is selling off parts. We know Puma was sold earlier this year- and the rumors having been circling that others would go. I've heard from inside sources (wow that was fun to say) that Titleist endorsers are being asked to rework their contracts to a shorter term and there are reports that Scotty has been seen around The Oven complex down in Fort Worth, Texas, home of Nike Golf's R&D.

Here are a couple links- and though they are just message boards and rumor mills- I've also heard this news from "inside golf people" so I expect an announcement or official confirmation from a major news source soon.

Story/Rumor 1
Story/Rumor 2

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Kurt the Knife says:
That was fun reading in the context you were writing as Scotty Cameron the person and not the brand. a slow day...gotta amuse misself somehow.
shorne says:
I think acushnet sold cobra to puma. Not the other way around. Anyway did you all see tigers hitting a different putter now? Where is the story on that?
carv712 says:
Now we can all prepare for the unveiling of the $5,000.00 "First Edition, Nike Year 1, Scotty Cameron 2011 Premier, Limited Quantity, Honey Dipped, Multi-metal, Super Forged, copper plated, Platinum Shafted, Anser inspired, Scotsdale, Carlsbad, Solheim, Damascus, Fort Worth, Putter Series" that Cameron and Nike will sucker 2011 people into buying, so they can have a real peice of history. Now if they get a deal done by years-end than perhaps he'll only make 2010, so you better put your name down...
carv712 says:
I read a review in last years Golf Digest hotlist that said, "... No feature of a Cameron putter is ever gimmicky or superfluous." After re-checking the dictionary on the meaning of those words, I peed myself a little.
mustang6560 says:
@car712, thanks for that! you made me LOL...
bkuehn1952 says:
I like your take on the situation, carv712!
MiddleAgedGuy says:
+1 carv712
swagclt says:
uhmmm. Nope. Wrong on just about all accounts. Puma bought King Cobra from FO. FO is not in "trouble". Stock in near 12 month highs. Ackerman just breaks up companies. Also, your "sources" are questionable. It won't be Nike.
golf9876 says:
you guys are retards Scotty Cameron is not being sold to Nike hahahha. you are all very terribly misinformed and yes Acushnet did sell Cobra to Puma not puma bought cobra. also fun fact of the day for all your idiots out there Fbrands is trying to sell Acushnet to another company key word Acushnet not parts of Acushnet all of it fj, Titleist, Vokey, Pinnical and Scotty Cameron .its called Business you sell company’s when they are most profitable and at there peak. it had nothing to do with chapter 11 or financial trouble you people who run these ridiculous sites you don’t’ know your shit from your oatmeal. :) time to figure it out.
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