Q School Concludes Today
By Kickntrue on 12/6/10
PGA Tour Qualifying School wraps up today. 25 Players will earn their PGA Tour cards for 2011. Golfers who have gone through the experience call it the most intense golf experience you can go through. Weeks of qualifying events concluding in a six round final. How big a deal is it? To say it's your livelihood may be an understatement.

It's no given that the guys who miss their PGA Tour cards will play on the Nationwide Tour instead, but for the sake of argument, let's say they do. In 2010- the top moneymaker on the Nationwide Tour was Jamie Lovemark. He made nearly $453,000 in 2010. Not too shabby! Of course- that same amount on the PGA Tour would've put him 161st on the money list. But what if you don't win on the Nationwide Tour? What if you're more a middle of the road kind of guy? The 30th best player in 2010 on the Nationwide Tour was Brandt Jobe. He made $194,000. Still a decent living- but don't forget that's as a contractor requiring the payment of caddies, travel, insurance and expenses throughout the year. $194k goes real fast when you're spending well over $1000 a week just to get you and your caddie to an event.

So yah- it's a big deal.

There are some notable names near the top of the leaderboard too. Billy Mayfair had to earn is way back on Tour and looks to be doing it. Ben Martin, afore mentioned Brandt Jobe and Cameron Tringale are all in good shape as well. Jeff Quinney, Carlos Franco and Nick Thompson, all PGA Tour vets have work to do if they want to play with the big boys next year!

Final Round Leaderboard
Additional Stuff
2010 Nationwide Money List
2010 PGA Tour Money List

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falcon50driver says:
I'll bet they'd love it to only cost $1000 to get two people to an event. In addition to airline tickets what about hotel, meals, car, entry fees,tips,caddie salary.etc etc etc
Kickntrue says:
@m2d- good point. i literally meant "traveling" but yah- total costs are way more. I wouldn't be surprised if the "take home" equivalent to $195k on Nationwide Tour isn't closer to one of us making $75k.
Banker85 says:
ya but they get paid to GOLF! i would love to NET $75K a year from golfing, and get to travel (travel being a perk) friggin awesome!
Banker85 says:
screw that i would love to get $75k from my job now!
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