Minnesota Women's Coach Claims Discrimination
By Kickntrue on 12/7/10
The Ex-University of Minnesota women's golf coach was let go in October of last year. She claims it was because she's openly gay.
According to the Minnesota Daily, Katie Brenny was hired as the University's associate women's head golf coach at the beginning of the season, but left in October. During her short employment, she was mysteriously "disallowed from speaking to players about golf, traveling with the team or recruiting off-campus." Says her lawyer Donald Mark Jr., "It appears to us that there was discrimination occurring, and that seems to be the only logical explanation" for why Brenny wasn't allowed to coach. When asked if this discrimination resulted from the Minnesota golf director learning that Brenny was gay, Mark said, "I think that's accurate."
A lawsuit has not been fired- and the school hopes to avoid it (obviously) but it looks like it could happen.

Honestly- it's pretty much impossible to fire anyone anymore. On the other hand- if she really was fired because she's gay, that's wrong. The problem is we'll never know, because we don't know what she was like as a coach. Heck- even coaching is completely arbitrary, especially at a collegiate level. A great coach can be someone who relates to the students, makes sure they get to class on time, and stay healthy and in good spirits. That same person- who teaches them the wrong way to grip a club could be fired. A person with a perfect golf pedigree who can't relate to student-athletes could also be fired. The metrics for a head coach are winning and losing- but at the associate level for a women's golf program, I'd imagine their a bit ambiguous, even if clearly defined at the time of hiring.

So- lawsuit to come- if not preceded by a quiet settlement. If that happens, I just hope it was because the school was actually at fault, and not because some lousy golf coach couldn't handle being let go.

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Trav says:
She could consult with young Giuliani about golf team litigation dos and donts.
Kurt the Knife says:
"the bassaball coach he done kick me off the team..
For wearin' high heeled sneakers and actin' like a queen."

-Cheech Marin
falcon50driver says:
Fired for beeing cheerful? I don't get it?
birdieXris says:
I'd say look at the timeline of events from when she was "outed" and the time she got fired. if there's not really enough time, i think that's probably a case of discrimination. If she was there for over a year without a problem i'd start looking at performance. --- this is all if i were in the courtroom. Eh. whatever though. she'll get her bucks and fade into obscurity.
kingwood hacker says:
It says she left in the article, not fired. Sounds like she got tired of not being allowed to coach her team effectively and left. It would be hard to coach a team if as it states in the article you were "disallowed from speaking to players about golf, traveling with the team or recruiting off-campus."
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