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Yes! Golf Goes Bankrupt
By Kickntrue on 12/8/10
I feel like I see Yes! Golf putters in every pro shop I walk into. Apparently that's all the further they were making it.
Denver-based Yes! Golf and its C-Groove putters had an interesting technology story with its grooved face and credibility thanks to U.S. Open wins by Retief Goosen in 2001 and 2004. Unfortunately, the company could not sustain its momentum and now Yes! is out of business, with Progear Holdings (which did business as Yes! Golf), filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in United States Bankruptcy Court in Colorado.
Yes! Golf was most recently in the headlines when the story leaked that Jim Furyk won the FedExCup with a used (and nicked) Yes! Sophia he bought from a local golf store for $39.

It looks like they've been bleeding money. Papers filed in court show that they've lost around $3M bucks in the past 2 years. That... will lead to bankruptcy. I have to wonder if they just tried to get too big too fast and it eventually caught up with them? You'd think with their success on Tour and avid following they could've made it work. But- eventually you take a jump and big risk- spending huge dollars on inventory and marketing.

Really sad. It's always good for the little guys to find success in any area of business. It just keeps everything fresher.

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homermania says:
nate94gt says:
aw man that sucks. Guess i'll have to take extra care of my tracy II and make sure i buy an extra cover asap, cuz mine is toast :(
tennesseeboy says:
The bigger story today. Jim Beam & Golf don't mix. Fortune Brands, the maker of Jim Beam Whiskey, Titleist golf products, a lot of other stuff is splitting itself into multiple companies. The golf unit will be sold or spun off into a separate company. I would imagine there are quit a few golf companies that would love to buy the Titleist brand.
aaronm04 says:
Sad. I play their Marilyn model and love it. Try em out and buy em up if you can get em.
ilovebacon says:
Hopefully Obama will bail them out.
sepfeiff says:
Best putters I've ever used, shame. Maybe they'll restructure. Seems more likely that they'll sell all of their patents and intellectual property to a big name to cover their debts.
Matt F says:
Looks like I might have to get one or two more Tracy's as spares.

Jattruia says:
I'll be looking for more as well. The Tracy II i currently play is the best putter I've ever used.
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