The Non-Controversy Over Fowler's ROY
By Kickntrue on 12/8/10
Rickie Fowler was voted by his peers as the PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. Some are upset that Rory McIlory was snubbed. Rory, himself doesn't seem to care that much- and may offer the best explanation- due to when he came on Tour, he didn't even consider himself a rookie this year (though technically he was). I'm guessing many other PGA Tour players didn't either.

For what it's worth here are their 2010's:
Rory McIlroy, won the Quail Hollow Championship in style and tied a major championship record with a 63 at St. Andrews, where he went on to T3. He also T3 at the PGA Championship.

Fowler secured his PGA Tour card by getting through Q-School. He had two runner-up finishes at the Phoenix Open and the Memorial. He was also the first rookie to get picked for the US Ryder Cup team.
Anyway- winner Rickie Fowler gracefully accepted, though he said he voted for Rory. Dustin Johnson chimed in saying he didn't even vote and wasn't sure when he had to have his ballot in (even though results were already announced). Lee Westwood has taken to Twitter trying to get anyone who listens to be upset that Rory got snubbed because he's not an American.

This is end of the year "there are no real-stories" bullcrap and that's fine. We need something to talk about, right? I appreciate that we get to hear directly from the players via Twitter, instead of through the media- though you could argue the "controversy" is 100% being egged on by sites like this (and moreso by "real" golf media).

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homermania says:
Rookie of the Year should have gone to Tiger.
Kurt the Knife says:

bkuehn1952 says:
Dustin Johnson probably did not bother to read the rules sheet for ROY voting, continuing a trend he established at the PGA.
Kickntrue says:
@bkuehn1952- ZING! and true. No matter what- my Rookie of the Year will always be Henry Rowengartner.
bducharm says:
At least Rickie is a PGA Tour member - Rory decided to not play here next year!!!
Banker85 says:
I cant wait for the next Ryder Cup these Euro's think they own the golfing world right now! pisses me of USA! USA! USA!
I dont see anything wrong with chosing Fowler over McIlroy, Fowler earned more money, had lower scoring avg., and finished higher on the fedex cup standings. And he is the more true rookie over Rory who had 11 starts on the PGA tour last year.
@Kicknture: "Give em the high, stinky cheese”
newrider says:
While I think Rory is the better golfer it is the PGA rookie of the year and Fowler did more to support the Tour.
jbird2011 says:
Did you guys even watch this year? Rory is the biggest choker! Did you see him in the Chevron this weekend? Doubled the last hole on Friday and Tripled it on saturday! He has the worst short game....see his flubbed sand shots this weekend or back to back bad bunker shots in the Ryder cup. Rory is the most overrated player on the tour....oh wait, he isn't on the tour anymore!
bkuehn1952 says:
@Kickntrue: Henry Rowengartner? Thank God for Google or I would sleepless tonight trying to figure out who Henry was.
TheBrownCrayon says:
@Kickntrue Haha, I was so bummed that I didn't break my arm growing up because I had serious aspirations of pitching for the Astros.
cjgiant says:
Does DJ even realize that we are a month away from starting a new golf season?

Although I agree - I think most didn't consider Rory a rookie moreso than pro-US bias,
manny.101 says:
Watch out, finishing runner-up once and making ryder cup team for us. Not enough to get that honour i believe. Rory should have taken that honour. Who cares if he isn't playing more on there next year, how many other plays are moving away from PGA Tour or most likely will be. Europe and Asia will dominate in very near future.
Matt F says:
If Westwood is so pissed off about it, he needs to talk to his fellow players...they were the ones voting, not the PGA officials...sounds like just another whinging pom to me.

Banker85 says:
Rory is very good and will win a major or 2 in his career, kid can hit it a mile and just has a effortless natural powerful swing i mean his ball striking is out of this world. he just has to work on the short game. Fowler will win very soon on tour, he is a great player and good character out there.

@cjgiant: DJ is the coolest cat on Tour, i swear it seems like he is stoned he is so calm and care free. I guess who wouldn't be; being a 25 year old millionaire superstar golfer!
wrhall02 says:
Funny comment Banker85...."it seems like he is stoned he is so calm and care free."

I think the Fedex ranking says a lot about a players year long performance. Fowler finished two spots above McIlroy.
jev says:
Duke of Hazards says:
saw Rory in real life at the Chevron. he's tiny. looks like you could pick him up and throw him. literally couldn't believe how his little 5'10" 150 lb frame could produce that kind of distance. he was 15-20 yards past Poulter on every drive, giving up 3 inches and 40-50 lbs.

I like Fowler, xlnt putter and ballstriker although he can be very erratic with distance control on approaches

@Banker - totally agree about DJ looking stoned.
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