Advice for Golf Widows
By Kickntrue on 2/27/07
If you're reading this, you need to visit the link- print out the article- and share it with your significant other. This is for them. I actually got a pretty big kick out of it and some of the advice given. My favorite is #1: Find your own hobby! Check it out and enjoy.
1. Find a hobby of your own and don't feel guilty for spending time enjoying it.
2. Plan an outing with the two of you for one night a week and stick to it for respect of each other.
3. Split the household chores between you and do not nag each other about them if they are not done until the last day of the week.
4. Do not do each others chores. Respect each other and take care of the home responsibilities together.
5. Set a schedule for times that you each will spend time with the children or taking care of the pets.
6. Plan a vacation with another couple so that you have someone to hang out with while your spouses play golf. The time to make your pitch is definitely now so you can also pick a place that has something to do while your spouse plays golf.
7. Solicit joint participation in the game of golf from your spouse. This requires an open mind, a closed mouth, and the "Patience of Job".

Please do still check out the full article. It closes out with a joke- not the funniest I've ever heard, but I smiled.

Advice For Golf Widows

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