Ben Crane Farts All The Time
By Kickntrue on 12/9/10 did an interview with Heather Crane, Tour pro Ben's wife, and she listed 18 things about Ben you probably don't know. The title spoiled one of them (which one did you THINK I'd pick?) but there are 17 other good ones to check out, including some good nuggets about Ben as a father, husband, romantic and golfer.

I actually think this is really cool. Maybe I've just missed them in the past but this is a good idea for content by Getting wives and good friends to share stories about the pros they would never tell them selves. Beyond being a smart PR move (Crane seems to be working the smart PR train lately) it makes the golfers appear more human and relatable, something multi-millionaires should strive for.

Hopefully we'll see more of these in the future.

Full Story -

And... just because.

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homermania says:
Seems like Ben is a great guy with a great attitude, but man is he slow on the course.
Shallowface says:
Better enjoy it while he can, because once you pass 40 it's wet farts and dry dreams.
birdieXris says:
You're not alone, Ben.

seriously though, he does sound like a pretty cool dude.
knthornt says:
Looking forward to the one on Tiger
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