Bones Mackay Is The Man!
By Kickntrue on 12/13/10
Golf has a great profile of Jim "Bones" Mackay in this month's edition. I read it in print but it's online as well. Here are a couple of my favorite passages to tease it a bit.
Mackay was on the 15th floor of the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas when his hotel room began to sway. John Wood, Hunter Mahan's caddie and Mackay's roommate, woke up, shrugged it off and rolled over. Wood is from Sacramento, so he knows tremors. Not so Mackay, who grew up in Florida. He shot out of bed and darted across the room to Phil Mickelson's golf clubs, which were standing in the corner.

Mackay gently set them on the floor. Visibly shaken, he turned to his roomie and said, "Woody, what do we do now?" l "So in an earthquake," Wood says today, laughing, "Jim's first thought is to secure Phil's clubs."


Mickelson goes further: "It's the little things that Bones does. Take the International in Colorado. Because it was so difficult to pull clubs at that altitude, he used to document not only every shot I hit, but also the distance it went, the temperature, what time of day it was, and what the wind was doing, until we got it figured out." Mickelson would win the tournament twice.

"A lot of holes on Tour don't play to the number," he adds. "Like No. 16 at Augusta plays eight yards shorter than what you think from the book, and that always threw us off. But with Bones charting everything, we've adjusted. Again, he looks at so many variables, and seemingly little things can make a difference with three holes to go in a major."
Looping must be one of the most fun, but stressful jobs on earth. It's really 100% about communication and reading a situation. From a "skill" perspective, I'm guessing about anyone can pick up a bag and step off numbers for yardages, but clearly the job is so much more than that. It's knowing how to motivate your golfer and get the best from him or her- in a lot of ways like a jockey in a horse race. Sure- the horse gets the credit- but the rider had a ton to do with it.

Bones appears to be one of the all-time best and it's hard not to like him after reading this article, especially if you're already a "Phil Guy."

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bducharm says:
I read this article on my airplane flight yesterday. Great article and definitely "humanizes" one of the best caddies out there. Very humble guy! Would like to see more of these.
Matt F says:
I read it about a week ago. Great article...wish I could get a gig like that. The other article about the gambler was also quite interesting. He could have played on the tour and won a lot of tournaments but made more money betting on his game at courses around the country.
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