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Body Found On Golf Course
By Kickntrue on 12/14/10
Some people want their ashes spread on a golf course. As acceptable as that is- actually dying or having your corpse ditched on a golf course is kinda weird. Just goes to show you what a couple days can do...
An autopsy is pending by the Macomb County medical examiner after the body of a missing 51-year-old man was found at a Detroit-area golf course.

Shelby Township police said in a release Monday the man's body was found on the grounds of the Cherry Creek Golf Course.

Police say the unidentified man was last seen Wednesday at his home, about a half- mile from the golf course. His family reported him missing on Friday.
I guess the autopsy will let us know if we should laugh about this or treat it as a cruel human act. Nothing in the report indicated foul play- so for now I'm taking it as a good way to kick the bucket- you know, like the dream of dying while having sex or having your stomach explode while gorging at a churrascaria.

Brings up a good question for the comments. What are the best 3 ways/places to die? I've just listed 2.

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Kurt the Knife says:
I kinda imagine soaring one day and getting sucked into a cumulus transitioning thunderstorm (happened to a friend who survived)and getting asphyxiated in the uncontrollable climb to the top. I had one encounter years ago that chilled me into a state of complete calm understanding that if I am gonna play with elemental forces, and they kill me...its nothing personal.
For me, that would prolly be the best way to go.

Sorry about the dude in Detroit but, I've lived there and maybe he's better off.
Werepuppie says:
Heart attack after hole in one?
homermania says:
Heart attack after a hole in one sounds great, but your buddies will remember you as the guy that died to get out of buying a round in the clubhouse.
mantajim says:
Are you sure that wasn't Macabre County?
mjaber says:
I have decided that I'm not going to die. I refuse. (I'll let you know how that works out for me)
legitimatebeef says:
cpercy says:
When I hit 110 years old and finally shoot my age then it won't matter where I die.
RonInThornton says:
Drowning in a barrel of 25 yr old single malt
tartantoml says:
old age
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