It's hard not to like Dustin Johnson in 2010!
What's Your Favorite Story Of 2010?
By Kickntrue on 12/17/10
The AP voted the Tiger Woods situation as the biggest sports story of 2010. It's tough to argue with that, though as Geoff Shackelford points out, it actually happened in 2009. It certainly was a big story, but unless you're a huge Tiger hater (and they're out there), it probably wasn't your FAVORITE story, which I think is more fun to talk about. For the sake of this post (since we are "oobGOLF") let's focus on stories relating to the game we come here to love.

Share your favorite moments from the year. Maybe they're not all positive (Dustin Johnson, and ... Dustin Johnson), but I think even that can be spun as his grace and humility in defeat and ultimate failure.

My favorite golf moment of 2010 was probably Phil Mickelson hitting that amazing shot on #13 on Sunday at Augusta. My favorite odd-ball story was probably Jim Furyk winning the FedExCup after missing the first event due to oversleeping on a Pro-Am and getting DQ'd and then finishing off his $10M payday with a used (and damaged) putter he bought from a local golf shop.

There were plenty of examples of great sportsmanship and new winners in 2010 to share- so please do!

In each of the past 12 years or so we went into the offseason thinking we generally knew what the next golf year would hold (even last year we thought Tiger would dominate), but I honestly have no clue what to expect in 2011. Will Tiger return to dominance? Will the Euros continue to kick butt? Will one of the young guys distinguish himself from the pack? I have no clue... but I'm excited!

Tiger voted top story of 2010 by AP

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stedar says:
The Ryder cup did it for me - great action, an almost "too good to be true" finish and who can forget the "cigar"

Bring on 2011...
Kurt the Knife says:
Furyk's FEX cup win.
I mean, the modest putter, the rain, fabulous stuff.

And McDowell's last round putting and the unplayable from the 9th tee in the Chevron? Golf was exciting right there.
legitimatebeef says:
For me the story of the year was me almost shooting a par round.
Mortalsword says:
Don't remember who or what but the ace on the third playoff hole in the dark to win his first tournament.
Werepuppie says:
Pink Panther wins US Women's Open.
mgranata says:
looked at your score just one shot (bogey on last)
its okay next year
Bryan K says:
Best story I heard all year was from a guy I played with. He said he had one ace in his life. It was during a scramble event where every player needs to contribute two tee shots. Well, come the 17th hole, he had yet to contribute a tee shot, and he is a pretty good player. So that was kind of an odd situation. Well, he put his tee shot on number 17 into the hole for his hole in one to use his first tee shot. And then he topped and dribbled his tee shot on 18 about 10 yards to use up his other tee shot. They took a horrible double and ended up losing the scramble by one stroke.
joepro23 says:
Pros: The Masters. Even though I'm not really a Mickelson fan, that was an awesome stretch he had on the back nine there. Fun to watch. That shot from the pine needles under the trees and over water to 4 feet (which he missed) was classic. Close second is the battle at Chevron between Tiger and McDowell.

Me: My double-eagle. Came in my last round of the year and the 17th hole. Little par 5 (just 454) and went driver/ cut 8-iron around this tree that blocks the right side of the green. Landed 5 feet short and rolled in for the 2.
shorne says:
Low scores, in particular, Ishikawa Ryo's 58 to come back and win the Crowns. Then the same day Rory Mcllroy charges with a 62 to win Quail Hollow.
Banker85 says:
the entire year was pretty great week in week out. I would have to say the majors were great this year, minus the open (Louis played great golf but it was lackluster) Seeing the gyus like Rose win twice and DJ redemtion in the playoffs, Bubba winning, overall awesome season and i think i am more excited to watch golf next year then play....NOT! but for me personally i would say overhauling my swing (no coach or lessons, homemade) with all new clubs and finally feeling comfortable coming down the stretch hitting it straight on a consistent enough basis to shot a 76, dropping my handicap from a 13 to a 9. Being able to sink those 10-4 footers and short game is the goal for next year.
homermania says:
My favorite story of the year was the birdie race between my father and I. We don't get to play golf together that often, but through oob, we can keep track of our competition to see who can make the most birdies through out the season. I believe we ended up tying this year. Thanks OOB!
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