Win A Trip To PGA Merchandise Show
By Kickntrue on 12/20/10
Want to hang out with me at the PGA Merchandise Show?! Well- I'm not going to pay your way- but TaylorMade may. They just launched a contest through their Facebook page where they're offering 9 winners a chance to come to Orlando at the end of January to see the show.

This is pretty cool. The PGA Show is RIDICULOUS, especially for someone out of the industry who has never experienced before. For me- it ends up being work. A ton of walking- and schedules, and meetings and blah blah blah. For a consumer with no itinerary, no mission of filling a pro shop with their next year's hard goods- it's basically golf heaven. Miles of aisles filled with the craziest and best golf products you've ever seen.

Good on them. Go sign up - and if you win- let me know so I can catch up with you there!

Be TaylorMade's VIP

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bducharm says:
Just entered - see you there!!!
Kurt the Knife says:
I don't need, want or care about facebook.
I would like to enter the thing, tho'.
cpercy says:
I'm with the knife, no way to enter without facebook?
David B says:
I'm with Cpercy & Knife. Would like a method outside of facebook. Website directs a person to facebook. Come on TM
birdieXris says:
It's a facebook ploy to get more "likes" on their pages. You are required to "like" all 3 of their pages in order to qualify. That basically gives them your facebook information and access to your friends list. Marketing. I think the PR manager's nephew probably has the contest locked up anyway.
Kurt the Knife says:
total poo.
I'm sticking with Mizuno
cpercy says:
And I'm still with The Knife, I'm sticking to my Mizunos.
falcon50driver says:
Facebook ? Isn't that just for 12 year old girls?
KVSmith59 says:
I must be in the minority...I like FB....Have lots of family on there and am able to keep up with them much better than I've turned into a Scrabble fanatic on FB and it helps keep the brain cells alive...
Clint24 says:
I'm going anyways. Went last year but missed you guys. Hope we can meet up this year.
carv712 says:
Whats wrong with Facebook? Its a social network not all that dissimilar to a certain golf-centric site I know spelled "flogboo" backwards...
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