Olivia Munn - BAZINGA!
DirecTV May Be Dropping Golf Channel
By Kickntrue on 12/21/10
I love me a good corporate fight- but not when it spills over into my tv viewing habits. Fortunately DirecTV and Comcast are fighting over Golf Channel so it shouldn't effect me much.
If you're a golf fan who currently subscribes to DirecTV, you could be out of luck in 2011. According to SportsBusiness Journal, the satellite distributor very well might discontinue carrying the Golf Channel next year, cutting off approximately 15 million subscribers from 24-hour-a-day golf coverage.

Currently DirecTV pays about 25 cents a month per subscriber to carry Golf Channel on the company's Choice Xtra tier of programming, and Golf Channel is supposedly planning to increase its license fee. Golf Channel is also apparently trying to prevent DirecTV from placing it on tier of programming with less distribution.
This is the 3rd such battle we've had to deal with recently between DirecTV and Comcast. DirecTV has already removed Versus and G4 from programming. So ya- now I don't get the Tour de France and NHL hockey, again, I can live with that. But taking away the G4 Network... that was just cruel. Now I miss out on my daily Olivia Munn (pictured) and that just ain't right.

I hate to side with DirecTV because I'm sure they're an evil corporation, but agreeing with Comcast on anything is like signing your soul to the devil and I just can't do that, not over the Golf Channel. This is why the people who PROVIDE the tv service shouldn't also be the owners of the content. They get in a petty fight over the prices of their pathetic channels but it's the end consumer who loses. Soon I'll only get 197 channels!

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* In the same link above is a story of golfer Darren Clarke (who lost his wife to breast cancer 4 years ago) marrying again - to a former Miss Northern Ireland. Good on him.

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dottomm says:
Yea. I'm pissed. The gym I go to just switched to Direct TV and yea! No Golf Channel. Boo!
Duke of Hazards says:
Actually, DirecTV is a pretty good company. I've been w/ them for 7 years and they have outstanding cust. service, have done right by me. They seem far less evil than most, certainly less than the cable companies. Oh and Ms. Munn- double BAZINGA.. (see this month's cover of Men's Health)
Kurt the Knife says:
are there 'net resources like hulu or espn or something?
Logs34 says:
I enjoy golf channel and have Direct TV. i got rid of comcast because they cut NFL network. Might have to switch to who ever has golf channel. I watch it every day and love the news @ 6 and get all the updates.
birdieXris says:
@dottomm -- man at least your gym has decent programming like that. we got 13 channels. that's it. if we had golf channel i'd cancel my home feed and just stay at the gym. less cost.
goinggoinggone says:
DirecTV... if you drop the golf channel, I'll do the same to you. Don't do it.
goinggoinggone says:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOrAB-feefg Oh yeah... Uh ooh, uh oooh, Oh-livia. She is HOT.
birdieXris says:
Speaking of sexy hot, Kingdom 59 has the new Black Nike Machspeed on sale finally. Just sayin'
mjaber says:
I think something needs to be done. It's crazy to me that a service provider like Comcast can also own a network. Something like this happened during the World Series this year. FOX and (one of) the NYC cable provider(s) were in a contract dispute. FOX got shut off from the subscribers. Can you imagine the rioting of the Yankees had been in the World Series, instead of losing in the ALCS?

Hey FCC, FTC... got any ideas?
Kickntrue says:
@kvsmith59- I'm about 99% sure I should delete that link you posted... but I just can't bring myself to do it. WOW!
Bryan K says:
What's "TV"? Is that that old school box thingie with moving pictures on it that my parents used to watch before we had the internet?
Banker85 says:
FINALLY!!!! a super smoking hot chick! wow i mean wow, she is stunning sexy, mesmerizing!! that made my day! and thank you KVSMITH for making it even better! OHHHH!

anyways ya DirectTV great cust service but this would low major ballsax if the dropped Golf Channel! i will just cross my fingers and hope Golf Channel stays with DirectTV and also that i meet Olivia Munn some day very very soon! WHOA!
Banker85 says:

i would dip mine in mustard anyday for her!
homermania says:
@kvsmith59 and banker85: GREAT links. I'm at the point where I don't care if they're safe for work or not.
Matt F says:
Thankfully I have Dish...Direct is too expensive around here.
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