Want To Play Golf With Tiger?
By Kickntrue on 12/23/10
Paying to be in a Pro-Am is a big expense- plus you can't guarantee who you play with... unless you win this content- then it's a sure thing (and free).
An amateur golfer will get the chance to play with Tiger Woods at the pro-am tournament before the Dubai Desert Classic in February.

Woods often plays pro-am tournaments, but amateurs generally pay for their place and are not guaranteed a chance to play with the second-ranked Woods. In the case of Dubai, there is no charge to register and the player will be part of his foursome.

Anyone in the world with a "valid handicap" can register at www.golfindubai.org and the winner will be picked two weeks ahead of the Feb. 9 tournament. Men must have a handicap of 18 or better and women must have 26 or better.
That's great! Now I just need my ticket to Dubai. Eh- small price to pay if you actually won. Playing a round with Tiger would be worth every penny.

I like that it's a content open to anyone in the world. Dubai must have the best lawyers ever (or the best content/sweepstakes laws)!

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Via Golf.com

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bkuehn1952 says:
I suppose I should worry about what a plane ticket to Dubai will cost after I win the contest. I did use my alternate email address on the off chance it gets sold to spammers.
OffCoursegolfer says:
Now all I need is a ticket to Dubai...then it's time to work on my game. What's it like to play with Tiger...and playing with Tiger when you hit a 96...hhhhmmm. Would that be fun?...oh yes...96 and everyone will be watching me. Ah, so what. I'll do it.
cameron says:
actually, after you win the "content".
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