Tweets Of The Year
By Kickntrue on 12/23/10
A couple years ago a headline like this would make me eligible for institutional care. In 2010- it's one of the more interesting things you can waste your next 15 minutes on. I love technology!

Some good stuff here- which I won't divulge (not just to make you click, but because I'm off to catch a flight and have literally run out of time).

Have a Merry Christmas- I may check in before then- but otherwise see you guys Monday!

Best Tweets Of 2010

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Kurt the Knife says:
Daly's jacket is more Peter Max than Pollock.
I guess i get the idea.
Some of these posts were kinda fun, adds some texture to the characters. I particularly like Westwood's comment "Poulter in lockerroom putting on makeup".
Disappointed that Christina Kim reveals herself to be bizarrely weak and shallow regarding Phil, "lackluster human being". Like people in the world are here to entertain her.
What a bloody twit.
bkuehn1952 says:
Liked the Westwood pokes at Ian Poulter. Both of them have a clever sense of humor.
TheBrownCrayon says:
Poulter at tiger was my favorite.
Pappybro says:
Oh goody - Christina Kim. If I wanna hear a large, loud-mouthed chick with moderate talents, I'll stay at work.
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