Fay brought the US Open to Bethpage
USGA's David Fay Retires
By Kickntrue on 12/27/10
David Fay, the executive director at the USGA for the past 21 has stepped down. Citing age and health Fay will turn over the reigns to someone new. Golf.com's Gary Van Sickle writes of how Fay will be missed:
I have always been a big fan of Fay's. He helped change the perception of the USGA — as much as that's possible. Before Fay, the stereotype of a USGA official was an old-school, hard-lined, gruff blue-jacketed rules aficionado. I forget who once described USGA types as stuffy blue jacket-wearers with dandruff — probably semi-hilarious writer Dan Jenkins — but that unflattering image stuck for quite a while. Fay wasn't like that at all during his 21-year run as the leader. He was personable and passionate, an avid and pretty decent golfer who all but gave up playing the game due to the demands of his job. That's a sacrifice that did not go unnoticed.


The image of golf as a game played on exclusive and exclusionary private clubs took a hit in the '90s and Fay was a leader in the movement to make the game and its championships more open to all. He also played an integral role in golf returning to the Olympic Games, an effort that took the better part of two decades. Whether golf is a success as an Olympic sport is less important than its Olympic influence on expanding the game globally, an explosion that was already in progress even before the Olympic deal was inked.
I can't really say I'm an expert on the subject- but from the tone of the articles being written it really does seem like Fay will be missed. The retirement was a surprise and the timing even more curious, being released Friday, December 24. I hope the reasons for the retirement are purely David's own and that he enjoys a life with less demands. It sounds like his influence was great and hopefully he'll still have a positive impact on the game.

Hopefully the USGA will make a wise decision on his replacement. Despite some struggles golf has had recently in this recession it sounds like Fay was a positive influence. Maybe they should hire me?! I think I could end all stereotypes of the USGA being a blue blazer dandruff club. I mean... I have the dandruff for sure- but I look terrible in blue.

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bkuehn1952 says:
No posting should ever go commentless!

David Fay seems like an okay guy for a snooty easterner. I still would like to see a little more real public golf people at the USGA and a little less Princeton-educated, "Let's catch a quite nine at Winged Foot" type person.
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