Can I be Robin this time? NO, LITTLE JOHN!
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By Kickntrue on 12/27/10
Christmas means missing work- which means missing stories. Gillette is dropping Tiger as a sponsor- and John Daly has been awarded full custody of his son, Little John (seriously).

First- Tiger:
Tiger Woods, who previously lost endorsement deals with AT&T, Accenture, Gatorade and Tag Heuer, will no longer represent Gillette, effective the end of December, the company has announced.

"His contract ran its full term like many other athletes that were part of the Champions program," the company said in a news release. "We are ending the Gillette Champions program after three years. Like any brand, we refresh our marketing efforts to ensure they continue to be relevant for our consumers."
Don't cry for Tigergintina though, new sponsorships are in the works for 2011. He will have a new bag and/or a sponsorship with a major international brand. Tiger will still make his money.

And now Daly:
A circuit court judge in Tennessee on Friday awarded John Daly custody of his seven-year-old son Little John and sentenced Daly's ex-wife Sherrie to three days in jail for contempt of court.

Sherrie had been awarded custody of Little John in February, when her divorce became final, but in the intervening months she interfered with Daly's court-ordered visitation rights and, according to this story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Little John was not receiving the speech therapy he needed, while accumulating excessive absences from school.

Daly, the story said, intends to "take his son on tour with him and will arrange for tutors and online schooling."
I'm sure I could go multiple places with this- but let's tackle the obvious. LITTLE JOHN?! Really?! Like... Robin Hood's buddy of the forest? Like- Little John, son of Big John?! How about a little foresight here? I'll give you this- when he's a kid- it's kind of cute. Me Big John. You Little John. But what the heck is he supposed to do when he's 30 and has to sign checks as Little John Daly? Big John probably shouldn't consider his days of court over. I see a child/parent divorce in the future- or at the very least a petition for name change.

Full Story - Tiger
Full Story - Daly

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Kurt the Knife says:
As always, the kids suffer the most in divorce.
feel sorry for the kid. Hope he gets what he needs with John as sounds like the mom was a poor custodian.
Matt F says:
Looking at Daly's FB account he was obviously stoked to gain custody of his son. I hope he drops the Little from the kids name though.

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