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611 Rounds In A Year Is Nuts!
By Kickntrue on 12/27/10
I love golf, but the new world record holder for rounds played in a year (600 so far, 11 more to go in 2010) takes the cake.
The 64-year-old [Richard] Lewis entered the Guinness Book of World Records for playing and walking the most rounds of golf in a single calendar year when he completed his 600th round on Sunday.


Lewis, a member of the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas, played in everything Mother Nature dealt up this year — and will polish off 2010 by playing 36 holes on Monday and Tuesday, 54 each of the following two days and 18 on New Year's eve. That would give him 611 rounds for the year — and 11,000 holes of golf (counting the two he played before being called off the course because of severe weather conditions).
You ready for the craziest part? Well, maybe not the craziest part- but pretty nuts; getting to 600 and setting a world record was not something he started 2010 with the intentions of doing. Lewis retired last year and told his buddies he'd play every day. After January he was way behind pace- and his buddies started getting on him so he just started going nuts. After playing 36 and 54 holes a day (WALKING, by the way) he started learning about the world record and decided to go for it.

It shouldn't shock you to know he's not married.

While he has no plans to best his record in 2011 he does challenge all takers to try to beat him.

I'd take him up on that, but you know, ... I actually have a life.

/so jealous

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Banker85 says:
ya i would do the same granted i was financially capable and didnt have a family or work... NO PROBLEM!!! i was lucky to get in my 40 rounds this year living in the chicago area! good for him... (lucky bastard!) i bet he got his money's worth out of his membership!

just got my xmas stuff and i am itching like crazy to start playing again. after the year ended i was not as anxous to get back out there but the bug is back and spreading like crazy!!! cant wait for the snow to melt!
bkuehn1952 says:
Think about this, all 611 rounds were at the SAME COURSE. At some point you would think Mr. Lewis would be just going through the motions. How enjoyable can playing a second 18 holes in the rain be once you have played a couple hundred times already?
KVSmith59 says:
I'm thinking Bryan Kautzman of oob was getting close until the weather kicked in lol

rclong says:
And I was feeling bad because I fell below my 100 gole this year. I have made it most of the years since I retired. I wonder how many golf balls he lost and what was his index before and what is it now.
lcgolfer64 says:
Wow and I thought I blazed it this year with 65 rounds... (my goal was play 1000 holes this year) barely 1/10th of his.

Not sure that I could have played even all 65 on the same course (although the majority of mine were on one course, but that's because I was a member and it was about 10 minutes away, so ya 'gotta' get your money's worth!)

I wish they had group course memberships here - ability to play 3-4 different courses on a membership. I've seen that in different states - seems pretty cool
bkuehn1952 says:
@rclong: Mr. Lewis sports a 4.1 index. He has been as low as 1.7 (August, 2010) so he is a player.
Bryan K says:
Ha...thanks for the mention, KV.

Keep in mind, though, that many of my "rounds" are nine hole rounds.

I think that 611 would be totally doable, though. There are only three things standing in my way. Work, school, and the Fargo climate.
Banker85 says:
i seen in the comments on the artical a "JIM MAHONEY", shot 711 rounds in 2008 although not all walking... still a feat if true...
mjaber says:
I'd wager that 732 is possible, walking. It would need to be somewhere close to the equator, where the length of the day varies very little (I think that's true), and a leap year. 2 rounds a day, walking, is definately something that COULD happen. Even having to miss a day or 2 a month due to inclement weather could be made up.
lindajean49 says:
I had a PE teacher in Elementary School, in Dallas, in the late 60's-early 70's name Richard Lewis....wonder if it's the same guy? Winnetka Elementary School....anyone know?
Bryan K says:
If I used a buggy for all of my rounds, 732 would be possible even with work, school, and Fargo winters. Heck....36 holes riding is nothing. Walking, though, is another story. When I walk, there have been numerous times where I decide not to play another 18 simply because I'm tired.

So walking, I don't think 732 would be possible even with ideal conditions. Sorry, but I just don't think I can walk 36 holes a day for 365 straight days.
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