At age 37- will Lee get it done?
Best Golfers Without A Major
By Kickntrue on 12/28/10
Every December we embark on the yearly tradition of filling golf news space with any top 10 list an editor can dream up. Here's an oldie but a goodie. The top 10 active golfers without a major. Obviously number 1 on the list is Lee Westwood. Being the current world's #1 golfer kind of require inclusion. A lot of the usual suspects make the list though I have some beef with's predictions. Of the 10 golfers they name- they think 9 of them will eventually win a major. I'd love to come back in 10 years (/I won't) and see how it panned out. While I agree looking at each of these guys individually there are arguments to think they would- the law of averages and the limited number of majors says there is no way that will happen. Go out on a limb! Be bold. Predict that Luke Donald will never get it done. Say Adam Scott is a bust!

For the record- I'd call "No" on both of those players for sure. I know they have plenty of time left- but I just don't see it happening. - Full Story

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Duke of Hazards says:
Seems to me winning majors is about holding up under pressure, a lot of pressure. Not sure that Stricker (horrible implosion at the Bob Hope, which is small potatoes) or Kuchar (no-show at Tour Championship) have 'it', even though they are 2 of the best all around players on tour. Casey's got a ton of game, strange he doesn't win more, seems like he has sack enough to win a big one. Westwood's confidence is sky-high now, should be able to net him a major. 2011 should be interesting.
Banker85 says:
westwood will choke everytime, casey is gonna win a couple and so are most the others on the list but i agree i dont think stricker and kuchar got what it takes, i would pick bubba or fowler or overton before them guys 99.99% of the time to win a major...
mmontisano says:
the list is BS and it's a crap shoot on who will win majors and who won't. who ever has a hot putter and got away some gutsy shots, i.e. Phil off the pinestraw at the Masters, will win one.

look at Sergio as a prime example. everyone thought he would have 4 majors by now and he's still at a big fat goose egg.
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