Will Dustin Johnson win from a bunker?
Now THESE Are Predictions
By Kickntrue on 12/29/10
Yesterday I got on Golf.com a bit for making very timid predictions for the future. I've got no such complaints about the Arizona Republic. They've made 10 predictions for the 2011 golf season including Charlie Hoffman winning the Waste Management Open, the resurgence of Sergio Garcia, and Tiger winning 2 majors. While I'm sure some of these 10 will be wrong- I certainly appreciate writer Bob Young going out on a limb.

I have a hard time seeing Sergio coming back strong but I think a lot of what he offers could certainly be right on- specifically guesses on the strong play of Michelle Wie and Alexis Thompson.

Check out the full list and chime in. Do you guys have any predictions of your own? I predict a healthy and happy 2011 for all oobers including a spectacular drop in handicaps everywhere! Sure- that probably can't happen for every last one of you- but here's hoping!

10 Predictions For 2011 Golf Season

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bkuehn1952 says:
10. John Daly makes an amazing comeback, winning his 3rd major.
9. The LPGA sees its first transgender winner when Amy "Big Jake" Patterson laps the field at the Dinah Shore (aka Kraft Nabisco).
8. Rickie Fowler wears an all red outfit on Sunday
7. Rory McIlroy trades in his curly highlighted locks for a flat-top.
6. Phil Mickelson wins the US Open after his caddy mysteriously loses Phil's driver coming into the last 2 holes
5. Steve Haskins wins the money title on the Champions Tour.
4. Roller Derby replaces the LPGA as the most watched female/transgender sport watched on TV
3. In a surprise move, the PGA moves the 2011 championship to Canton Country Club in Canton, MS, citing concerns about the greens at Atlanta Country Club.
2. In a move to avoid unnecessary litigation, the LPGA opens their membership to anyone willing to wear a dress.
1. Jack Nicklaus comes out of retirement, stating: "I think I have one more major in me."
homermania says:
I predict Tiger sweeps the majors and ties Jack this year.
Banker85 says:
this game is so unpredictable now, the only thing i really see happen is that Dustin Johnson will win either the US Open or PGA championship. Tiger winning the Masters is about a 70% possibility, and he has about 40% to win the Open championship.
brian575 says:
Tiger wins one major going away but only two other tournaments. He finishes in the top 10 in all 4 majors and only finishes out of the top 15 once this year. And that is basically how his career will be from now on. I great player but never the player he once was.
tcjonny says:
my prediction is that i personally will go from a 4 handicap to a +4 and make the nationwide tour for the 2012 season!

HA, yup
Kurt the Knife says:
superior wit sir.

Regarding Tiger, my wife keeps suggesting he won't win anything until gets his hands on some ho's.
Sorta like the Samson-Delilah thing.
that girl slays me.
mjaber says:
Tiger goes majorless again.
Bubba Watson bombs his way to a British Open... his tears fill the Claret Jug.
Phil puts 5 Guys and Krispy Kreme logos on hig bag, repeats @ Augusta, beating Tiger on the 18th.
Lee Westwood continues to be #1, without a major.
Tom Watson wins the PGA to complete his career Grand Slam.
AK wins the US Open even though he goes straight from the club to the tee on day 4.
bkuehn1952 says:
Dr. Kurt - thank you for the kind words. You set the bar pretty high with your repartee. I am just drafting in your wake.
bducharm says:
My predictions for the majors this year:

Masters - Tiger (in a rout)
US Open - Poulter
British - Tiger
PGA - Hunter Mahan

I also predict Tiger will win multiple (4-6) PGA Tour events. He will then proceed to go on camera and say "I'm baaaaccckkkk"...
Kurt the Knife says:
I think McIlroy will show well. Fowler will place well. Phil will do some stuff.
Tiger will do some other stuff. Casey will win one big. Westwood will play golf in some places and do stuff. Furyk will whip his arms around like he does and scare folks. Johnson will use the lessons he's learned and not do bad stuff he doesn't realize he's doing... and maybe yell for folks to "getouttatheway!...dammit"....Con't
Kurt the Knife says:
Daly will enter some stuff and his GF will drive-threaten people on the streets when big John realizes "little john" don't have his math workbook and should be in class...n he doesn't remember which city he's enrolled... and he'll sing it in an e-minor blues kinda way.
David Faherty's belly will explode in a blur of intestines on the sixth at St. Andrews.
and folks will think its just fitting.
Pebble beach will sink into the Pacific under the mound of cash it charges for green fees. But I will still have those free pro V1s i found folks paid 5 large to hack 'em onto the beach on #9.
And I will hack n slash my way 'round Ka'anapali again with the most beautiful girl inna world for an afternoon.
I'm goin' out onna limb yo' ....except for the last part.
brianshaffer32 says:
Tiger will win at Augusta
Phil falls out of the top 10 of the OWGR
Westwood will win the British
Hunter Mahan will enter into the top 10 of the OWGR
Michelle Wie will win a major
Ishikawa wins on the PGA Tour
Kaymer falls out of the top 10
Eldrick wins 8 tournaments
Dustin Johnson falls out of the OWGR top 25
John Daly goes to jail
Banker85 says:
LOL nice brianshaffer "John Daly goes to jail" awesome
Banker85 says:
ya know i expect a post a day outta you girls c'mon now!
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