Best. Lede. Ever.
By Kickntrue on 1/3/11
You won't find a better lede in a newspaper than this one from The Cranford Patch, a Cranford, NJ, local paper.
If you were thinking of wearing that free t-shirt from Target and walking through Ash Brook Golf Course and Reservation, you might want to reconsider. Union County's "deer-management program" begins Monday and continues through Feb. 12.
The author needs to send her resume to oob immediately. That's GOLD!

Where do you sign up for these programs? My friends always try to drag me hunting but I hate the idea of waking up early, freezing my butt off, and then spending hours doing nothing. These guys on the other hand- are totally going to bag their deer. That's definitely the kind of hunting I want to do when I finally get around to it! I suppose the culling is due to over population? I've played a lot of golf courses with deer on them- but never felt a course was destroyed or in worse shape because of it. Poor deer. Deer jerky is pretty amazing though- so I'm all for it!

Hey- good news- golf season starts again this week in Hawaii. We should have some "real" golf news coming again soon.

Thank GOD!

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bkuehn1952 says:
So you thought you could ferret out all of us wannabe editors with the use of the word "lede". Try harder.

From Wikipedia:

The most important structural element of a story is the lead (or "intro" in the UK) — the story's first, or leading, sentence. (Some American English writers use the spelling lede (pronounced /ˈliːd/), from the archaic English, to avoid confusion with the printing press type formerly made from the metal lead or the related typographical term leading
tennesseeboy says:
The story says the hunters will be using shotguns at baited sites. Deer hunting with a shotgun? That's a hangin offense in the south.
falcon50driver says:
Why do you think they make Buckshot ?
Duke of Hazards says:
Sign me up for the free T-shirt.
Pappybro says:
"Deer hunting with a shotgun?"

It's New Jersey. I'm just surprised it isn't baseball bats.
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