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By Kickntrue on 1/4/11
Want to see a picture of a former USA Ryder Cup Captain's ... uh... Manparts? Someone is trying to hawk such a photo. has the back and forth email chain with the seller of the alleged photo. Deadspin then breaks down the canddiates.
So what do we know:

* The dong-sender is American

* He was married at the time

* This happened a few years ago

* He's somewhat vain since this person suggests he sent a picture of his whole naked body instead of just a [dong]

* It's worth more than $242 to this person, less than that to us

* He's probably not extremely well known except to those who follow the PGA tour

So here are the list of American Ryder Cup captains since 1993:

1993 Tom Watson
1995 Lanny Wadkins
1997 Tom Kite
1999 Ben Crenshaw
2002 Curtis Strange
2004 Hal Sutton
2006 Tom Lehman
2008 Paul Azinger
2010 Corey Pavin
oobgolf will not be pursuing the purchase of this picture- though someone may, so if you're really... hard up... keep scouring the internets. Who knows what will turn up!

Welcome to 2011!

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TeT says:
Gee Thanks, riveting stuff; if this is what we have to look forward to, let us know now and we will try back in 2012!!!
Kurt the Knife says:
And now for something completely different.

bkuehn1952 says:
Maybe beer and alcolic beverage containers should have one more warning:

"WARNING: Do not consume in the presence of camera phones. After consuming large quantities of this product, do not take photos of oneself and email them to anyone."
mustang6560 says:
The downside of technology...
homermania says:
I love the headline: "...Dick Shot For Sale"
Banker85 says:
i have my monet on hal sutton.
Banker85 says:
cpercy says:
Or just how Strange is Curtis?
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