Golf Channel Wants To Mike Golfers
By Kickntrue on 1/5/11
The Golf Channel wants to mike up PGA Tour golfers to make for more entertaining viewing.
The Golf Channel came to the PGA Tour opener with hopes of putting a microphone on players for the Tournament of Champions. The trick now is to find a few volunteers.

Jack Graham, executive producer for the Golf Channel, said it has been approved to put mikes on players for the year. The player must agree to wear the mike, and with two days left, it appears it might not happen at Kapalua.

Some players don't want to do it. Others are interested, just not in the first tournament of the year. Graham said at some point he expects players will get comfortable with the idea.

But he believes it's an idea long overdue.
I think it's a great idea. My only beef is that they wouldn't serve this to us live. Live sports sounds- is I think the next evolution in sports viewing. A special channel- maybe even pay per view- that using mike technology to feed you the real sounds of an event- no announcers. Announcers are totally pointless anymore- especially with all of the graphics, charts, stats and overlays that can be done now. Imagine watching a football game where we hear the real sounds of the game. Probably has to be cable because there will be swearing and other objectionable material- but that's what we want. The same idea would work with golf. Let us hear and see what we really want.

Last year- Golf Channel ran a day of announcerless golf viewing but they ruined it by stupidly going back to the announcers sitting on a couch ever 5 minutes. That is not what I'm advocating for this. I'm talking- ZERO announcers- all golfers. It's crazy- we'd may end up actually seeing hours of golf... Miking up the players- is the first step towards that.

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bducharm says:
Conversations between players and also between player and caddy would be GREAT to hear. Of course, I would love to hear these unfiltered!
TeT says:
That would beat the H E LL out of listening to Miller if they could get the networks to carry the feed also...
mjaber says:
Attach an omnidirectional mic to every bag, and put in a 7-10 second delay on the broadcast to allow for censoring of profanity.
Kickntrue says:
@bducharm- I think it's be great for the players too- to become personalities. We wouldn't have to see Twitter accounts and viral videos (Ben Crane) to know someone is a fun person. I can see why some players would say no- but in general- what are these guys saying that they'd be embarrassed to have aired?
brianshaffer32 says:
Not a chance in the world the players would do this, it would completely take them out of their playing element. They would have to watch what they say to protect their image, remember we can see professional golfers faces, that goes a long way compared to guys strapped up in pads and a helmet. Don't get me wrong I would love to hear what was being said, but I could never see the players go with this.
Kurt the Knife says:
I saw a recent event in Thailand had TW, Casey, Villegas, Jaidee, etc. in a skins match had mikes on. It was pretty cool, I'm all for the PGA guys to do it.
legitimatebeef says:
Who cares what they are saying. I don't. And most of the time it's gonna be the same old jive.

"You got 170 to the pin, 163 front, you can hit a hard 7-iron or take something off the 6"
"I like the 7"
"I like the 7, too."

ZZZzzzzz. And if that's not bad enough you're inevitably going to get the Jeff Overton types who will start to play to the mics and cameras. I love golf as much as the next guy, and I probably like watching it more than the average golf fan, but the last thing I want to see on a golf broadcast is more of pro golfers' "personalities". In fact I'm cringing just thinking about it. As a golf viewer what I desperately want to see is better camera work. Let us see some of the shape and trajectory of the ball itself, please no more inane filler and gimmicks.
Optimus Prime says:
I agree with you Legitimatebeef. I'm afraid they will start using the mikes to promote their sponsors. "That Nike Ball flew off these Calloway ___clubs."
C-4 says:
I say mic the caddies...i was at the BMW last year and was listening to the caddies. a cop walks by with a bomb dog and fluffy says oh glad thats a bomb dog and not a dope dog..he going towards the caddy shack.
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