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Hickory Golf Event
By Kickntrue on 1/5/11
A golf club in Florida will be hosting an old school golf event in February. Only equipment that replicates pre-1930 gear will be allowed.
The United States Professional Hickory Golf Championship recreates turn of the century golf and is the only hickory shaft golf event primarily for golf professionals. Played at the historic Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club designed by Tom Bendelow, this unique event is dedicated to preserving the history and glory of our grand old game. The course remains true to its original design and will play as it was meant to be played with authentic era equipment.

The tournament has a $5,000 prize fund just as the original championship held at Temple Terrace in 1925 did with an entry fee of $100. Each participant will be supplied with a set of hickory shafted golf clubs and a sleeve of period balls. (Players who have their own set, it must be authentic pre - 1930 or replica of same).
If you're interested in playing- you can give your contact info and details will be forwarded. Since they are paying the winner- technically this is a professional tournament, though there doesn't appear to be a ton of info about the skill level required to play. I'm guessing it will be a bunch of scratch golfers going out to try something new.

If anyone participates in this- I'd love to know about it. I love this idea! I also love that 1930's dress code is required as well. - Details & Sign Up

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brianshaffer32 says:
Would love to see a comparative look at the scores. Especially if PGA Touring pros competed
askarzy says:
Pretty cool, I am also interested in seeing the scores.
homermania says:
Time to dust off the ol' niblick.
aaronm04 says:
There's usually one of these every year at the club where I play (Onion Creek, Austin, TX), though I didn't remember it last year. My father-in-law likes playing in this, as he owns a set of hickory clubs. Before you can participate, all of the clubs in your bag have to be approved.

According to him, you have to slow your swing down. The wooden shafts are far more "whippy" than steel or graphite so you have to be careful. Not to mention that they are far less forgiving. He usually plays a few rounds to reacclimate to them before the tourney. Also, the sand gets more challenging because none of the wedge-like clubs (niblick?) have bounce.
TeT says:
Nice picture gallery of the post... Whoever designed that one knew how to throw down a dogleg!!
TeT says:
um... picture gallery of the golf course (at the clubs site), not the post.....
KVSmith59 says:
I'm pretty old, but not sure what plus 2's or plus 4's means....anyone?

DRESS CODE: Long sleeve shirt and tie, slacks, plus 2's or plus 4's. No shorts or short sleeve shirts allowed
bkuehn1952 says:
@kvsmith59 - think Payne Stewart
misterwhisker says:
Hickory golf events promote both new interest and greater playing opportunities for youth and seniors. Many courses would benefit from the increased play.
Temple Terrace is showing good initiative in sponsoring this tournament.
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