Tiger And Golf Digest Parting Ways
By Kickntrue on 1/7/11
Eldrick Woods and Golf Digest are breaking up, after 13 years together- his 2nd longest endorsement relationship.
Tarde said that Woods’s column in the February issue of Golf Digest would be his last. Woods, whose deal with the magazine was his second-longest after his ongoing 14-year endorsement deal with Nike, will have his name removed from the magazine’s masthead.

Unlike other business relationships that soured after the scandal that accompanied Woods’s well-publicized affairs, the parting with Golf Digest was amicable.

During lengthy talks aimed at renewing the agreement, the two sides were unable to come to terms on the expanding amount of time the magazine was requesting from Woods.
I don't blame Tiger here at all. The terms of the deal were never disclosed but it was thought to be much less than his other endorsement deals. Sure- two paragraphs a month isn't a whole lot of work- but when you're worth somewhere between $300M-$1B, why bother?

At the same time- I can't imagine Golf Digest was selling that many subscriptions because of Tiger's writing, at least not 13 years later. That fruit has been harvested, eaten and turned to compost. I guess all I'm saying is I believe this really could've been amicable and not some ruse to save face for Tiger. it probably just doesn't make sense anymore.

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mjaber says:
I read something about Golf Digest providing content for TW's website. I think that would be the "big" loser (if there even is one) in this parting. Tiger's not going to miss a couple mil, and Golf Digest doesn't really need him.
leeheppjr says:
I prefer anything without Tiger, way to go Golf Digest. I might even by a pair of Nikes if they ever wake up.
leeheppjr says:
I mean buy...
C-4 says:
Tiger is worth about 3 times the magazine.....who wins and who looses....nike dumping Tiger is like Nike dumping Jordan.....they both made nike in thier perspective sports.
bashworth says:
Well put C4

@leeheppjr did you hate tiger before last year?
leeheppjr says:
No, had actually grown to like him. Had my three young boys watching him, then had to answer uncomfortable questions when they kept showing him with his women every night on tv. Sold my Nike driver and 4 wood on ebay at a loss. Won't even consider Nike gear. I know it won't hurt Nike or Tiger, but makes me feel better.
Matt F says:
Saw the "breaking" news of this on Thursday as a ticker on the Golf Channel.
Kickntrue says:
I guess golf is dirtier than I thought. This is pretty amusing... deadspin.com/5728934/the-smutty-innuendo-of-tige
Trav says:
Your take sounds completely on point to me.

Now, all we need is the week of analysis by TGC.
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