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By Kickntrue on 1/7/11
The USGA has actually posted the position of Executive Director on their website... as if someone normal job hunter is going to just stumble upon it and be the perfect candidate. I know sometimes for state universities and colleges they are required by law to post job openings for things like head coach of a BCS Championship football team, but this doesn't seem necessary. Since they posted it though- we may as well check it out, right?
Required qualifications include:
Significant experience as a senior level administrator in a golf organization, with oversight responsibilities of financial, human and physical resources.

Demonstrated leadership skills, including experience in planning and managing short- and long-term initiatives and objectives.

Visibility and credibility within the international golf community, including strong relationships with golf media outlets (traditional and digital).

Understanding of current issues and trends in golf and sports administration.

Evidence of working with volunteers and volunteer committees to effectively harness their skills and abilities to promote and support the Association.

Passion for the game of golf, which encompasses the ability to understand the distinct characteristics and traditions of the game of golf and a commitment to preserve those characteristics that have intrinsic value to the Association.
You know what...? Besides them laughing in my face when I try to convince them oobgolf is a "real" golf company- I almost got that thing licked. .... Riiiiiight!

Deadline to apply is February 4th- so chop-chop!

Apply To Be USGA Executive Director

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cpercy says:
Just went through the whole list and I think I can truthfully say I do have a "Passion for the game of golf...", do you think they might let me slide on the rest?
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