Brittany Lincicome Plays With The Men
By Kickntrue on 1/13/11
LPGA star(ish) Brittany Lincicome played in a men's mini-tour event earlier this week and failed to make the cut.
LPGA standout Brittany Lincicome missed the cut at Wednesday’s Bridgestone Winter Series event, shooting a 5-over-par 77 at Deer Island Golf Club that included a quartet of three-putt bogeys.

The Tampa-area pro finished with a two-day total of 7-over 151, seven shots behind the cut line. Russell Knox (Jacksonville Beach) grabbed the lead with a 66 for an 11-under total that left him two shots ahead of Brian Harman and Jason Parajeckas.

Deer Island was the third time Lincicome sought to stay sharp by teeing it up in a men’s event. Last week, she tied for third in a one-day Moonlight Golf Tour event at Windermere Country Club.
Good for Brittany. I've been harsh before on women trying to play with the men- but this is a different story. This is a small mini-tour event when the LPGA season is on hiatus. It isn't for publicity or acclaim to try to "beat" the men- this is just staying sharp.

If you're surprised at her score- consider the length factor. The LPGA often plays courses between 6100-6700 in length. You can walk on a lot of public courses and find the back tees longer than those distances. Deer Island is over 7000 from the tips.

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SD Charlie says:
It's almost as though course length was not the major issue. From the blurb, it looks like putting was her downfall. Take out four strokes from the 4 three-putts, and she's at +1. Very impressive, either way.
bducharm says:
Like it! Mini-tour events are NOT about who gets an exemption - it is pay your money and tee it up!!! Good for her...
tcjonny says:
that powerade shes downing is loaded with sugar
rmumph1 says:
Is it just me or is Everyone woman I see that plays golf, HOT!
mjaber says:
The title could very easily be the TMZ headline for a sex tape.
TheBrownCrayon says:
@rmumph1 No it isn't just you, but she looks like she is hot, and then she plays golf too, which makes her hotter.
Tee it High. says:
According to her twitter feed it was her putter that killed her both days. I think its pretty cool that she takes the initiative to get the competitive juices flowing and get some serious practice in.
joepro23 says:
Jason Parajekas...I played against him when he was at UConn and haven't heard that name in awhile. He drives it 320 and has a lot of talent. Cool to see his name pop up on the mini-tour because you rarely see pros come out of the Northeast college golf scene.
komega19 says:
I once had a pro (VB) that said beauty ratings increase as follows: take an average woman, rank her a 7, put her in a nice fitted skirt now she's an 8, put her outside an dhand her a golf club=9, and if she fires up a stogie... 10!!! That should answer your question rmumph....
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