I Hope Kim Jong Il Doesn't Enter
By Kickntrue on 1/14/11
North Korea will be holding its first ever golf tournament in April on it's only 18 hole course (the same course Kim Jong Il supposedly shot a 38 with 11 hole-in-ones).
In the quest for hard currency, North Korea is teeing up a new initiative.

From April 26 to 30, the isolated nation will host the first ever North Korean Amateur Golf Open. The competition is open to amateur golfers from around the world willing to part with 999 euros to enter.


According to the competition website (http://northkoreanopen.com) the entry fee includes travel by train into the country from China, visas, meals and accommodation, as well as a 3 day tour of the country.

International sanctions severely limit Pyongyang’s access to hard currency. Last year, the nation offered to settle part of its debt of around $10 million to the Czech Republic with a shipment of ginseng.
So- part of me thinks this is good, right?! Golf in North Korea- truly an opportunity unavailable to all others. Playing on that course is probably less likely than any of us ever playing at Augusta. On the other hand- I'm not sure giving North Korea money is the best idea.

Like the title says- as long as dictator Kim Jong Il doesn't play- it will at least be interesting. It's just too bad that being an oppressive dictator is still a better living than being the world's greatest athlete of all time. Sure- we were deprived of the greatest person in sport's history- but a man's got to take care of his family and do what's best, right?!

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bkuehn1952 says:
First prize is a bucket full of ginseng.
bkuehn1952 says:
BTW, I am with you, Kickntrue, as far as seeing this as a very unique golf opportunity. If I could just get over the idea of supporting a rogue nation and possibly being jailed (both in North Korea and/or upon my return to the USA), it would be one heck of a trip.

I can just imagine it at my next social event:

"So Brian, what is that bucket of stuff over there?"
"Oh that! It is the first prize from my winning the North Korean Amateur Golf Championship. In lieu of a silver trophy they gave me a bucket of ginseng."
legitimatebeef says:
2nd place is a bucket of rice.
mjaber says:
Isn't the plural of "hole-in-one" "holes-in-one"?
Pappybro says:
Third prize is a six day tour of North Korea.
homermania says:
This sounds great, but it just wouldn't be fair if they let Kim play.
bducharm says:
Last place you get to stay!!!
Swingem says:
Beat Kim, and you will be awarded...a bucket of rice & permanent residency in Norte' K.
Tha Clint says:
I think it is a trap to get all of the worlds top amateur golfers then brainwash them and then have them compete as north korean golf team at the 2016 olympics
manny.101 says:
Beat Kim whilst he is also playing and you probably be a dead man or as @Tha Clint says "Brainwashed so that north korea have a golf team at 2016 olympics"
falcon50driver says:
mjaber, Perhaps the writer is using the phrase "Hole In One" as a noun, Like "Golfer of the Week".....Kim has 11 Hole in Ones and 50 Golfer of the weeks. I dunno
Banker85 says:
ya i dont think i would ever set foot in that country.
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