Oklahoma St QB To Play Golf
By Kickntrue on 1/14/11
Ok. State's all conference QB Brandon Weeden will play golf on the OSU golf team this spring. If you follow collegiate golf- you realize that OSU's golf team is a little more than signing up for another after school activity.
Weeden, who does not appear to carry an official handicap with the USGA, will join the squad as a walk-on. The OSU golf coach, Mike McGraw, told The Oklahoman that some of his players tee it up regularly with Weeden and have been impressed by his swing.

"They like his game," McGraw said. "Now am I saying he's going to lead us to a national championship? Probably not."

Weeden, 27, is more than just a two-sport athlete. In 2002, he was drafted as a pitcher by the New York Yankees. He played on the Yankees' Single A squad before the team traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Uggh. People like Weeden piss me off- good at everything!

Notable OSU golf alumni include Rickie Folwer, Hunter Mahan, Scott Verplank, Charles Howell III and Bo Van Pelt- just to name a few. So ya- walking on to the team isn't so easy. Now let's see if he gets to play.

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falcon50driver says:
Slow golf day eh.
Swingem says:
Ummmm... The guy's 27 and still in college? Obviously not good at "everything".
Dazinkster says:
@Swingem...he's played minor league baseball for a good number of years, decided he wasn't going to have a career out of it so went to college to get a degree, then decided he may as well re-try football...and now golf by the looks of it
boomermike says:
As is always the case on the football field, OU also tops OSU in the "QB who can do everything" discussion. Former Sooners' Heisman Trophy winner and current St. Louis Ram Sam Bradford is a scratch handicap & once shot a 65 at a course in Oklahoma City. He was also an All-State player & D-I recruit in basketball, and had NHL scouts trying to lure him into their minor league system when he played club hockey. A-T-H-L-E-T-E.
komega19 says:
Awesome! GO POKES!
rmumph1 says:
"I'm a man I'm 40", Everytime I think of OSU, I think of Mike Gundy's speech, priceless.
Kickntrue says:
@swingem- It was mentioned before- but his age is because of starting college late due to other endeavors. You only get 4 years of eligibility either way regardless of when you start.
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