Jim Thorpe Out Of Jail. Ready To Golf.
By Kickntrue on 1/18/11
Jim Thorpe, the Champions Tour's 7th highest earner of all time is out of jail and eager to get back on the golf course when his suspension ends on March 31. He'd better be excited- since he owes the IRS over $2M in back taxes.
He was on track for an early release, and he has now been granted it. He has also agreed to pay more than $2 million back in back taxes and interest to the IRS. Thorpe's suspension from the tour will expire on March 31, and he'll be happy to get back on the course; he's made over $13 million since joining the senior circuit, and ranks 7th all-time in that regard.

After release, he will go to a halfway house, then will be under house arrest for a time.
That must be more than a bit humiliating but a criminal is a criminal regardless of how "hard" the crime. Still- when sitting around the bench press in the yard I wonder if you have to embellish a bit- to not seem like such a wuss. "Dude- I owed The Man like $2M and when he came around to collect it I was like, get off me man! I almost stabbed that punk. They had to hold me back. Then I got pinched, man." That's not meant to be a representation of Jim Thorpe at all- it's just how all criminals talk in my head.

I can't believe Thorpe has made $13M on the freaking Champions Tour. Shoot- I still have over 20 years until I'm eligible to play- I have to be able to get good enough by then, right?! I mean... $13M for being washed up and having nobody watch or care about you?! That's fantastic. Why didn't he just pay taxes? On the plus side- he'll always only ever be at least the 2nd most famous "Jim Thorpe" so history (Wikipedia and the Internet) should be kind to him.

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bducharm says:
I actually have about 10 flags signed by Thorpe from the last tournament he played here in Austin. Maybe collectors items now that he is infamous!!!
legitimatebeef says:
No S Sherlock!!! if I'd just got out of jail you can bet your ass I'd be ready for some golf.
Kurt the Knife says:
IRS. Second largest organized crime syndicate.
Kickntrue says:
@KTK- maybe so, but when people don't pay, those who do pay more. pay the man his money.
bducharm says:
So would a flat tax be better? I personally think so - 12-15% maybe. Make it simple and then the IRS would be out of business! Although, the IRS is one of our biggest customers (Cisco)...
bkuehn1952 says:
It is sort of amazing how the Champions Tour manages to chug along. There is virtually no TV ratings for their tour events. I can't imagine a ticket to one of their events is an especially hot item. And then you have a fellow like Jim Thorpe pull down an average of $1,300,000 a year for 10 years. True, that is probably chump change for some VP's at Goldman Sachs. Still, that is pretty impressive for a journeyman pro golfer.
ppinkert says:
I'll do it.. just spot me a cool mill. and I will play off quietly for my average 1.3 a year. :) But, I just started back last June after many years away. So, I'll not hold my breath. :))
C-4 says:
@ bkuenn at least its a honest living....hell the vp at Sachs got a bonus(bailout) for armed robbery.
kingwood hacker says:
I volunteer every year for the champions tour event here in houston. It's actually really good golf to watch, and the players are way less up tight than they are at the PGA event here. You see lots of 50 year old dads with their kids out watching. Plus, these guys can still golf their ball. I always volunteer at the driving range. Two years ago, I watched Tom Watson hit balls for about an hour on Wednesday of the tournament. I've never seen anyone strike that many golf balls so purely.
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