Guess Who's Back? Shady's Back.
By Kickntrue on 1/19/11
Tiger will be playing his first event of 2011 next week at Torrey Pines. No matter what happens- I'm guessing it will be less dramatic than his last loop around Torrey Pines. Still- I'm all for Tiger playing golf!
Woods confirmed on Wednesday he will play his first tournament of the year in the PGA Tour's Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines where he has won the title a record six times.

"I'm really looking forward to competing," the 35-year-old American said on his website (web.tigerwoods). "I've been working hard on my game and I'm excited about 2011."
Obviously, Tiger will win this event. Write it down.

Tiger's Playing Next Week

And- because I was slow to do posts today- you lucky oobers get a double link post. We hear the term "exemption" a good bit but I'm sure many of us are clueless on how the selection process for filling out the field works each week. There are 33 different rules to figure out eligibility, plus rule #11 - "sponsor's exemptions" actually has it's own rules. Memorize them all. There will be a quiz.

33 Ways To Play On The PGA Tour
Via Michael Carman

photo source

PS- Does anyone feel like the TV Cameras somehow always miss this?

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bducharm says:
You should have seen the carnage on Facebook when the Golf Channel posted this - HATERS!
Beekeeper45 says:
Glad he is coming back!!!
ppinkert says:
go Tiger.. you have my vote
mjaber says:
I think he loses to Rocco in a sudden death playoff. Who's with me?
falcon50driver says:
HWSNBN... have we forgotten already?
Matt F says:
@m2d - very short term memory, obviously.
Trav says:
I'm pretty sure they omitted a category or two from that list of 33. One that springs to mind is "Not on any other list but really wants to play."
SD Charlie says:
From what I've heard, don't bother going to Black's Beach. The scenery is more prunes than melons...
SD Charlie says:
By the way - good Lord is that confusing!
Banker85 says:
cant wait! its gonna be awesome!
wrhall02 says:
Torrey Pines is a good place for HWSNBN. I think his performance at TP will be a harbinger of his 2011 season.

I can confirm SD charlie's intel on Blacks beach. The "scenery" is not impressive. Not worth the hike down the bluffs.
homermania says:
Tiger sweeps the majors this year.
legitimatebeef says:
This is both the best thing and the worst thing to happen in golf this year.
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